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Red, Blue, Right, Left: Crossing the Aisle and Making a Difference

To say that the American electorate is polarized may be an understatement. In an election cycle that has featured more shouting than discussing, it seems on the surface as if Americans have a difficult time agreeing on just about anything. A quick glance at social media or watching a debate can make it look like the country is deeply divided. Despite this appearance there are a variety of important issues that virtually all Americans can agree on. These issues don’t just appeal to red states or blue states, Republicans or Democrats, but everyone. Such issues have “purple” appeal, and lucky for us there is a company, and a product, that is symbolic of how Americans can cross the aisle and make a positive difference for the country. Elio Motors — the Elio.

Creating American jobs

Regardless of party affiliation, voters have identified the economy as the most important issue this election season. Both parties strongly believe that we need to create jobs. For years, well-paying manufacturing jobs have left the United States due to outsourcing. It’s time to bring these jobs back. Elio Motors can make a difference by creating jobs, not just at our manufacturing plant in Caddo Parish, but across the country at our Retail Centers. Specifically, it is estimated that upwards of 1,500 will be directly employed at our Shreveport facility plus an additional 1,500 from the supply base, Elio Motors corporate, sales and service once full production is underway. Plus, approximately 18,000 indirect jobs nationwide are projected to be created or sustained.

Reducing the Trade Deficit

The United States trade deficit currently stands at $40.7 billion and hasn’t had a trade surplus since 1975. According to the Economic Policy Institute, trade deficits “are a drag on economic growth and overall employment.” One way to improve the trade deficit is through the revitalization of American manufacturing.Elio Motors is targeting utilization of 90% North American content, and the manufacture and sale of the Elio can make an impact in reversing the trade deficit.

Eliminating Dependence on foreign oil 

America’s dependence on foreign oil has lessened in recent years. In 2015, about 24% of the gasoline consumed in the United States was imported, the lowest level since 1970. But, despite these gains, there is still much room for improvement. In 2014, importing foreign oil cost the United States approximately $192 billion. At up to 84 MPG on the highway, the fuel-efficient Elio can help reduce our national dependency on foreign oil.

Supporting Innovation 

The United States is a global leader because of its innovative nature. From the ideas of the Founding Fathers to recent technological advances, the United States has always been the global leader in innovation. The Harvard Business Review believes that “Having a strong domestic manufacturing base is vital to the United States maintaining its world leadership in innovation.” From our unique configuration, to our innovative ePlus: My Elio. My Way. mass personalization option program, to our commitment to creating an American manufacturing base, Elio Motors is a leader in American innovation.


At Elio Motors, we try to not take the disagreements between parties too seriously as seen in The Onion video (above), but there are serious issues at stake. The Elio represents “purple” appeal and topics that everyone can agree on, regardless of political affiliation. By making a commitment to American manufacturing and the creation of American jobs, offering superior fuel efficiency, and being a leader in innovation, the Elio is a candidate that we can all support.


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