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Elio Motors ePlus! 3-25-16

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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Spring has sprung around the US, and almost on command, snow! We will take responsibility for that after we wrote about putting the snow blower away a couple of weeks ago. Our bad. The folks in Colorado had some real spring snow – 25.5” in Boulder and 20” in parts of Denver! Good for spring skiers, not so good for spring golfers.

Did everyone have the chance to see this week’s announcement about the Elio Motors options program? The program, which is now under the Elio Motors “ePlus, My Elio My Way” umbrella was the formal announcement of the Elio Motors options system. The concept itself remains the same (for those of you that have been followers), but the announcement added some detail and timeline information about how and why we are again shaking up the status quo.


What is ePlus? ePlus is a new way to look at how you purchase options and accessories for your new vehicle. With ePlus, you will be able to make your Elio your own through selecting exactly what you want on your vehicle (in addition to the well-equipped base model Elio) and nothing more. With Elio Motors ePlus, you will not have to pick from a list of packages like you do today (the alphabet soup decision: DX, LX, LE, LS, SE, SLT, XLT etc.) where you get a fixed group of accessories for a “set” price. You will be able to order your Elio just like you want it without paying for something that might be in the package that you don’t want. Individual personalization on a mass scale.

Better yet, what happens when your needs/wants change? Traditionally, you would look to the aftermarket to find something to retrofit into your vehicle, even if the vehicle is a couple of months old. With the ePlus program, you can come back and upgrade or add something new and get a part that is designed for your Elio with real OE fit and finish at a competitive price. If you want the ability to have a leather heated seats in the winter and cloth in the summer, you can do that. Decide that you really want that Infinite Skyz system for your birthday 1 year after you bought your Elio? ePlus!

Another interesting benefit of the ePlus system is innovation. With a “menu approach” (you know, like: I’ll have the… hold the…) to buying options, our option partner can introduce any/all of the items that their teams have created for a vehicle. No longer will the all or nothing negotiation with the vehicle manufacturer determine if they can be part of a package. With ePlus, any option can be in play as the market will determine what works for you the driver, not the perceived value versus cost that many package decisions come down to in the end.

As we mentioned in the press release, the ePlus approach is similar to the cell phone/app industry. You purchase a phone, most likely “I” or “droid”, and then add apps to make it your own. The ePlus system is the marketplace where you create your own personalized Elio. One vehicle, endless possibilities. My Elio. My Way.

Look for the details (pricing, options) of this revolutionary program to roll out over the coming months as Elio Motors transforms the option side of the transportation industry.

Elio Preview Tour:

March 25 – April 3: New York International Autoshow – New York, New York – Jacob Javits Center – Times: Mon – Sat: 10am – 10pm (Sun: 10am – 7pm)

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

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