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Elio Motors’ Focus on Safety


Happy Friday Elio friends and family! Have you recovered from all the holiday cheer and family and friends? We hope your holiday was everything that you had hoped for and more.

January is always a great point for a “fresh start” on many items that we do or know we should be doing more of, or maybe less? We try diets, exercise, renewed commitment to hobbies and activities and many other things to help us get better in all ways. Elio Motors goes through this process too, informally, to see what we need to do to continuously communicate our vision and mission better as well as help our fans both new and long-time learn more about us as we drive toward production.

One area that we want to discuss this week is safety. There are some misleading items that have surfaced recently that mostly stem from incorrect interpretation of old news. We have been aware of RIN: 2127-AL15 proposed rule since February of 2013 when it was first published. Our Governmental Affairs team is on it and continues to watch these and other rules/laws carefully. The GA team feels this particular rule does not impact Elio because of the side by side seating and the fact that the rule has been inactive since 2014. We continue to work closely with individual states and at the federal level to further define what is in the best interest of the consumer and is appropriate for the consumer. We actively support Federal Legislation called “The Autocycle Safety Act” which creates a new category called autocycles which includes appropriate safety equipment.


The real message is that Elio Motors is committed to the safety of our vehicle. Safety is one of our four main tenets (along with the up to 84 mpg highway and targeted base selling price of $6,800 and made in the USA) so it is a key driver in each or our decisions.

Regardless of how the vehicle is classified, our goal is to build a safe vehicle that we would be comfortable driving and having any of our family members drive.

The Elio Safety Management System is at the core of our safety commitment. The Elio Safety Management System consists of: Three air bags (steering wheel and two side curtain), reinforced steel roll cage, anti-lock brakes, traction control and seat belts (including the LATCH system in the back seat). We have run computer simulations using the same programs that most auto manufacturers use and the Elio returns fantastic results. We will continue testing and refining the safety profile with the upcoming E-series vehicles. We have a large slate of tests to perform, live tests, to prove out the results of the simulations. I know what you are thinking, you are building vehicles just to crash them??? Yes, it is hard for us too, but in order to make sure the production Elio is safe we have to do this now, no matter how painful it will be to watch.

You can see that safety is an important part of Elio Motors and will continue to be as we move toward production and beyond.


Elio Preview Tour –
January 16-24 – Detroit, Michigan; North American International Auto Show, show hours, P5 show

Thanks for your support.


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