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Elio Motors introduces E1c at the Los Angeles Auto Show | Elio Momentum v82

A “Visual” Virtual Tour

You’ve probably heard the phrase “seeing is believing.” At Elio Motors, we’ve heard from individuals who have found our vehicle online, love the look of it, but deeply want to see the vehicle for themselves. For this reason, we began the Elio Motors Preview Tour, which takes our vehicle across the country to give supporters an opportunity to experience the vehicle in person, while attracting new supporters in the process. The reaction is nearly universal: they love the vehicle and the experience. We understand that it is difficult for some to attend our events, so today we will create a virtual tour, through pictures, of our exhibit at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Don’t worry about packing your bags or finding parking, you are still able to join us for a tour of the Elio Motors booth at the LA Auto Show.

We had an incredible location in the West Atrium at this year’s show. Our booth this year contained four main attractions: the P5, a frame, examples of our ePlus: My Elio. My Way. option program, and the E1c.

LA 3.jpeg
The P5 continues to be a fan favorite.
While the LA Auto Show isn’t exactly the birthplace of the P5, it is the location of its reveal last year. The P5, which was our first vehicle to be powered by the IAV designed Elio Motors engine, represents the last iteration in the prototype phase. The P5 may not be the newest Elio Motors vehicle at the show, but it continues to draw a crowd.

Up close look at the Elio frame.
This year’s LA Auto Show is the first time we’ve displayed the bare bones of our vehicle at an event. We’ve enjoyed taking our supporters behind the scenes to watch the development of our vehicle, and the frame is another example. The frame pictured above shows several key components of our Elio Motors Safety Management System, such as airbags and the unibody construction. Displaying the frame is one way to showcase our dedication in working towards producing a safe vehicle.

LA 1.jpeg
Elio Motors’ mass personalization options system — ePlus: My Elio. My Way.
Recently, we have begun to highlight our vision of mass personalization at tour events. In the photo above, you can begin to visualize the many available options to customize your Elio. The Red Hot leather seat is but one example of hundreds of available options. We also showcase other customizable features such as the front spoiler, custom springs, and more.

LA 5.jpeg

Introducing the E1c.

The best way to conclude our tour is with a visit to the star of the show, the E1c. The E1c made its debut at the beginning of this year’s LA Auto Show. The vehicle was assembled using more than 80 percent soft tooling, which shows the manufacturability of the production vehicle. Additionally, the E1c features many improvements from the P5, including its unibody frame, modified suspension and safety management system. Additionally, the Black Licorice finish augments the vehicle’s sleekness. The E1c is a major step forward in our development.

LA 4.jpeg
Thanks for joining us on today’s tour, and we look forward to seeing you in-person at one of our tour stops soon. To stay updated on the Elio Motors Preview Tour, click here.

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