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Elio Motors Momentum v1 – Look what’s new…

This Wednesday you may notice something a little different. The Tech Talk has evolved into an all-new newsletter called Momentum. This new face of the Momentum addresses our desire to more fully embody, and communicate with you, all of the progress being made at Elio Motors. It also provides us with a more universal platform from which we can share a greater breadth of topics in addition to the technical aspects of the Elio.



Steve Semansky takes the “back seat” during a supplier partner test drive.


The seamless relationship between an automotive manufacturer and its supply chain is central to running a successful production line. So it’s no surprise that Elio Motors has gathered the support of the industry’s top suppliers. That is where Steve Semansky, Vice President of Supply Chain Management for Elio Motors, steps in.

Meet Steve Semansky

Steve Semansky joined Elio Motors, Inc. in 2008 and brings over 25 years of supply chain management and engineering services experience to the team. Steve has a strong background and expertise in automotive Original Equipment/Tier 1 supply as well as many other industries including medical and aerospace.  Additionally, he has created significant value to the supply side in many different positions and industries.

Prior to joining Elio Motors, Steve’s previous positions have contributed to his status as an expert in Automotive Supply Management.  He started his career on the freight side of the business with IFL in Pontiac, MI and then held positions within the industry in customer service (Budget), sales (Chrysan Industries) and as a manufacturer’s representative (Alexander and Associates). In addition to his important role at Elio Motors, these experiences led Steve to being the founder of J-Mark Engineering and Sales in 2001, a manufacturer’s sales and engineering company serving the Automotive OEM/Tier 1, medical and aerospace industries.

Steve has more than two decades of industry experience that enables Elio Motors to leverage long-term business relationships in various facets of vehicle development with the premiere Tier 1 companies. As a result, our more than 30 supplier partners represent the most notable US automotive suppliers, who are also suppliers to the likes of such brands as BMW, Honda, Chevy and Cadillac. These key supplier partners are entrusted to the design, development, and validation of the products and systems that will be incorporated into the Elio to ensure a high-quality product.

An additional area Steve plays a critical role is the identification of suppliers for Elio Motors who have the ability to supply more than one component. This is significant as if we can limit the supply base yet still meet our annual production volume, managing the supply base process reduces costs and enables us to negotiate better prices which in turn helps us to meet our expected price of $6,800.

Steve graduated from Wayne State University with a BS in Marketing and attended Lawrence Institute of Technology, completing two years of mechanical engineering course work.

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