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ELIO MOTORS SPOTLIGHT: Two Key Suppliers | Elio Momentum v85

Fasten Up Your Elio: Arkansas Bolt Company and Tru-Fit Products

When you’re thinking about the components that make up a vehicle, there are several that likely come to mind. The engine, body panels, and steering wheel all receive top billing, but there are literally hundreds of components that make up a vehicle that may not come instantly to mind. Even though these components are largely unheralded, they are absolutely crucial to the construction of a vehicle. Fasteners, for example, keep the vehicle together and are essential to a vehicle’s construction. As you may know, having a group of blue-chip suppliers is one of the keys to our success. Today we will take a look at two of our suppliers, Arkansas Bolt Company and Tru-Fit Products.

The Elio Motors project is driven by four “musts”: to manufacture an affordable, safe, efficient vehicle that is manufactured in the United States while targeting utilization of 90% North American content. Building an American vehicle starts with American owned and operated supplier partners, which led us to partnering with Arkansas Bolt Company (ABC). ABC was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1962. The company was born after Mr. Hastings, their founder, was unable to find a fastener that suited his needs. Today, ABC is a national wholesale distributor of fasteners and specialty products.

ABC will serve as one of Elio Motors’ fastener solutions by having dedicated employees and inventory at our plant in Shreveport, Louisiana. ABC’s team will have a presence at each of our different manufacturing stations at the plant to ensure that we have the correct fasteners that bring the vehicle together. ABC will utilize its Warehouse Management System for a timely and seamless supply chain to our work stations. If you’ve seen any photos or video of our E-Series vehicles, you’ve already seen ABC’s handiwork: their fasteners and specialty products are integral components of the E-Series build.

Keeping with the fastener theme, another one of our suppliers, Tru-Fit Products, is also an American owned and operated company. Tru-Fit was founded in 1928 and houses a 150,000-square foot facility in Medina, Ohio. Tru-Fit is a specialty fastener manufacturer whose products are used in a wide range of industries, such as marine, agriculture, and heavy duty trucks. Their customers include several household names, such as Navistar and General Electric.

One of the many unique opportunities Tru-Fit offers is the fact that they are vertically integrated. Essentially, this means that they have the ability to take raw material, apply the necessary treatments to these materials, and complete the final product all in-house. This ability ensures the quality and consistency of their products. Tru-Fit will work in conjunction with ABC to serve Elio Motors’ fastener needs.

A vehicle is much more than just an engine or a steering wheel. It’s been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and this principle applies perfectly when thinking about the Elio. Arkansas Bolt Company and Tru-Fit Products are two suppliers that will help the Elio vehicle come together.

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