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Elio Motors’ Top 10 Things to Love | Elio Momentum v40

Even Love Costs Less with an Elio


“Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses.” — Thomas Robert Dewar

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, Feb. 14.

All across the country, people are making dinner reservations at fancy restaurants, buying expensive flowers, or maybe even springing for some expensive jewelry. Yes, as Thomas Robert Dewar eloquently surmised up, love can be expensive.

Expensive love isn’t limited to our affections for other humans, either. People have had a love affair with the automobile since Henry Ford was cranking out Model T’s, and guess what? It ain’t cheap to be a car lover!

A little red sports car, a sleek black mid-size European sedan, or even something functional like an SUV or pickup truck can set your heart on fire – and empty your bank account! But, as most Elio Motors reservation holders know, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Everywhere we go, we run into passionate fans who flat out LOVE what we are bringing to the market. And with a targeted base price of just $6,800*, the Elio will be a lot easier on the bank account. Of course, there’s more to love than our low price tag, so in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve come up with The Top Ten Reasons (in no particular order) you’ll love your Elio:

1. The eye-catching design

Our design is, first and foremost, functional. Half the width moves half as much air, boosting fuel economy. But, the unique, aerodynamic shape is distinct and eye-catching. Plus, the interior is like being in the cockpit of your own airplane!

2. The money saved from fuel savings

At up to 49 MPG in the city and up to 84 MPG highway, you will have to fill up less often, which means more money in your pocket.

3. The jobs that will result

The company estimates upward of 1,500 workers will be directly employed at Elio Motors’ Shreveport production facility once full production is underway. There’s a lot to love about that!

4. Our commitment to American manufacturing

If we want to have a future together, we can’t keep losing manufacturing jobs. It’s important that we build things here in North America and Elio Motors is committed to making this happen.

5. The manufacturing facility in Shreveport

We have a state-of-the-art facility with nearly 1 million square feet that will be dedicated to Elio Motors production. Let’s build something together!

6. Company-owned retail stores

Our goal is to have 120 stores in the top 60 markets in the country, making it easy to buy an Elio! When that time comes, we’d love to have you drop by.

7. Our nationwide tour

We bring our vehicle to the people. Malls, museums, auto shows, parks…you name it, we’ve most likely been there. We want people to see it, to touch it, to smell it, and sit in it. Not too many other manufacturers take their product to the people quite like Elio Motors!

8. Engineered with safety in mind

The Elio vehicle is engineered to the highest safety standards in the industry. The Elio Safety Management System includes three airbags, reinforced steel frame and ABS.

9. Regulation A+ stock offering

Elio Motors has always been a revolutionary company, so it made sense to use some revolutionary funding strategies. The recent Reg A+ stock offering has more than $17 million committed. Now, that’s an expression of true love!

10. Paul Elio

If you’ve been lucky enough to meet Paul at an event or you have watched some of his speeches, you know that his enthusiasm and passion for this project is infectious. He doesn’t just believe this project will succeed – he knows it. His leadership keeps us moving forward with a relentless laser focus every day.

We ♥ Paul!

Of course, love is a two-way street and the entire Elio Motors team loves the fans, reservation holders, and investors that keep us moving forward. This is a labor of love for each of us involved and your excitement is our fuel. As always, thanks for your faith in this project and your love for all things Elio.

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