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Elio Motors Tour – A Letter from Vice President of Sales, Jerome Vassallo


We have come to the end of another great year at Elio Motors.  We have hit many milestones mentioned in the blogs and emails we post weekly (no, I promise not to rehash them all!).  To close out an amazing year, I wanted to pass on a few thoughts from the Elio Motors Tour Team.

This year the tour has had the opportunity to visit nearly 75 cities across the U.S. with events including racing series like NASCAR, NHRA and Indy Car; two major auto shows including New York and Los Angeles; The Smithsonian and Kennedy Space Center; a PGA Tour Event in Phoenix, festivals including Sausalito and Balloon Fiesta; The Great Race which included two stops a day, for 10 days, from St. Louis to Santa Monica;  trade shows including CES and SEMA; car shows including Iola and three Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction events… oh yeah, and malls nearly every weekend all across the U.S.  It was a busy, fruitful and fun year posting nearly 85,000 miles (with the Elio in the trailer).

Attendance at the events far surpassed the prior year.  We had folks waiting in line to get a glimpse of the Elio for over an hour at local malls.  Thousands of folks came by to ‘say hello’ at Balloon Fiesta, New York and Los Angeles Autoshows.  We hope we leave people feeling as enthusiastic and happy as we are to see them.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit about the Elio, and help folks understand how the Elio can work in their daily lives.  Granted, it is easy to share the Elio story face-to-face, especially when it is an important part of who we are at Elio.  We are simply a group of folks who want to bring something new and exciting to the American transportation scene.  Making it appealing across all demographics is what makes Elio so special.  It is an American project, with old-school, lofty American goals; and the hard-working people committed to bring it to you.

Our Tour Team is made up of some of the most enthusiastic, tenacious people I have ever worked with.  The event hours, endless driving, and time away from home hopefully show you their commitment to bring you an experience meant just for you.  A conversation with a real human being about everything from tricking out your Elio, to buying one as a gift for someone special.  This year we have been greeted with everything from pizzas and homemade cookies, to sandwich trays and some homemade pastries!  Word must have gotten out that we are starving the team!  But it is that kind of gesture of kindness and thoughtfulness that keeps the enthusiasm and positive vibe going all year.  Thank you for your genuine desire to make others around you feel welcome.

Next year promises to be double duty for the Tour.  As we near production, we will have to “share” the P5 with the manufacturing and engineering teams preparing for testing.  They promise me it is only until we produce some of the anticipated E-series vehicles.  Until the “sharing” kicks in, we will show the P5 in Detroit for the North American International Autoshow.  After that, we will continue to tour the country with the P4, and continue to introduce it to the hundreds of thousands of people who have yet to hear about Elio.  Of course, if you want to come out and see P4 again, or maybe for the first time, please do!  Many of you have come by three or four times at different events to ‘say hello’, and I hope you have been warmly welcomed each time you do.

And, as more P5 events become possible, I assure you, we will let you know!  This year we will be on more campus’ and larger events.  Maybe another airshow, race (or air-race).  Maybe some cars-and-coffee stops, or large sporting events.  Again, the whole idea of the tour is to come to you, at the events you like to go to.  Simple concept, thousands of opportunities!  Time will tell, so keep an eye out on the Tour tab of the Elio Motors website for the latest updates.  To keep you well informed, we work towards posting the schedule 30 days in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to follow us this year.  From Neil, Rudy, Ty, Jermaine, Glenda, Pam and myself, we hope you and your families enjoy a safe, happy and memory-filled holiday season.

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