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Elio Motors Tour goes to Detroit

Elio Motors Tour goes to Detroit

Hello Elio’ers!  We had a big week in Detroit.  We kicked it off on Thursday with a two-day Supplier Summit and then on Saturday, we made our third annual appearance at the Woodward Dream Cruise with over one million people in attendance.  Luckily, the P4 wasn’t “misplaced” like Papa John’s Camaro (seriously, it happened).   We had a great time with a packed event as usual.  There was one consistent answer when Detroit locals were asked what their favorite part of the Elio Motors project is: American manufacturing.



Take for instance, Stephen who has been a reservation holder since Labor Day of last year.  His top draw to the Elio is Elio Motors’ commitment to bringing back manufacturing to the United States.  After his road trip  from Indiana in a 16 MPG van without A/C, he made a point to tell us that the Elio’s ultra high mileage and standard air conditioning are also HUGE pluses.



Stephen at the Woodward Dream Cruise

We met a few more reservation holders too…

Brian from Ohio is both a reservation holder and has taken advantage of the recent Regulation A+ initiative by reserving his shares in Elio Motors.  American-made and fuel efficiency are at the top of his list as well.  Over time he has sold seven of his Mercedes-Benz’s and has since opted for a Prius.  Obviously, Brian eagerly awaits our aerodynamic three-wheeler.


Brian at the Woodward Dream Cruise

Kevin woke his daughter up at 6 a.m. that morning to travel from Cleveland to see the Elio at the Cruise.  When he arrived at our area he told his daughter, “Get in.  I need to see if you’ll fit when I drive you to school.”  She did and it looks like they’ll be riding in style when the Elio comes off the line.


Kevin and his daughter sit in the P4 at the Woodward Dream Cruise

Finally, we ran into Stu Sutherland.  If you’re on our Facebook page this name should definitely ring a bell.  He is an avid Elio Motors supporter and it’s rare to see a comment thread without his two cents.  We asked him a few questions.  Watch his responses to “After hearing about Elio, what made you get on the reservation list?” and “What’s your favorite part about Elio?”


Stu stands by the P4 at the Woodward Dream Cruise

Elio made sure to strut down Woodward Ave a few times before the Cruise ended, just in case some in attendance haven’t heard of us yet…



Come see us at a stop near you.  Find our schedule below or one that is updated real-time at


Aug 28, 2015 – Aug 30, 2015 Sonoma, CA – Sonoma Raceway – GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma – Indy Car Series – See Sonoma Raceway website for details. More to come!
Sep 05, 2015 – Sep 07, 2015 Sausalito, CA – Labor Day Weekend – Sausalito Art Festival – Stay tuned for location details.

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