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Elio Motors Tour – The North American International Auto Show

Hello Elio’ers!  We’re right in the thick of the North American International Auto Show.  Last week, it was dedicated to press and industry, but on Saturday that all changed when the doors opened to the public.  Now many FutureElioOwners in the area are able to get a glimpse of the P5 in person.  Well, not just a glimpse.  They can touch it, talk to our team, get behind the wheel and even make car sounds while envisioning their very own Elio out on the road.  As we approach our projected production date of Q4 2016, the vision is becoming closer to reality and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


This tour stop, in particular, is huge for us.  The “Who’s Who” of the auto industry is in attendance and we’re in the birthplace of American manufacturing so there is a lot of buzz around our American-made vehicle.  That’s just one of the many reasons Elio Motors is receiving  a lot of positive attention.  In past years, auto shows have been known for showcasing the speed and power of muscle cars.  However, the trends are changing and, even though performance is still a major factor, efficiency, practicality, and connectivity are on the rise. (ESPN)  This trend is great for yours truly.  The practicality of our three-wheeler is undeniable.  An up to 84 MPG for a targeted $6,800* base price can put so much money back in the pockets of the people, while reducing our country’s carbon footprint and reliance on foreign oil.  It just makes sense.  So we couldn’t agree more with the feedback we’ve been getting from our booth visitors.  

Take, for instance, Pat and Katherine.  They heard about us a couple of years ago on the news and, after some research, reserved their Elio.  The style of the Elio in combination with the targeted price is what sold them.   Seeing the P5 in person, they were very happy and Katherine added, “I’m so surprised at how much room I had in the back!”


The size of the Elio is a common topic in the booth, and it definitely was when Tom B. walked up to us.  He stands tall at 6 feet, 8 inches.  Many were anxious to see if he would fit comfortably.  The result?  Tom: “It felt good. I had enough headroom and Pam told me about the tilt steering wheel feature which would definitely come in handy.”


We’ll be here until Sunday, ready to show you the new P5 and answer any questions you may have.  We’re on the concourse near Hall B.  And, another plus? You don’t need a ticket to visit the Elio Motors booth.  Hope to see you soon!

*Starting MSRP excludes options, destination/delivery charge, taxes, title and registration.


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