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Elio Supplier Summit – Latest Engineering Milestones


Happy Friday Elio’ers. The march toward making your Elio a reality continues forward, with each day bringing us closer to the prize.

We are very excited to announce two milestones on our journey:

  1. We held a Supplier Summit this week in Detroit, and
  2. The entire meeting surrounded the development of the next generation prototype, the Elio prototype #5 aka the P5!
Paul and Hari kick off the Supplier Summit in Detroit

Paul and Hari kick off the Supplier Summit in Detroit

We have said that the starting of a new vehicle company is more akin to a marathon than to a sprint. Elio Motors is “all in” and will create a better future for the people of the US. We can change peoples lives for the better with a more economical option to commuting, burning less fossil fuel for the betterment of our environment and help the US economy by providing significant manufacturing jobs. To succeed in a long race like a marathon, you need to do the work that no one sees: the day to day grinding, training, support structures and flat out work to make the glamorous showing at the end.

That behind the scenes action is what we are doing at Elio: the work. This milestone, the P5, is what the team and supplier partners have been furiously working towards in our ultimate pursuit of creating “The Next Big Thing in Transportation”, your Elio. It takes hundreds if not thousands of people to make the Elio what it will become.


What are they clapping for… the P5!

The Supplier Summit is the groundbreaking vehicle development concept of our CEO Paul Elio. At the root of this core business strategy is inclusion of our supplier partners, the experts in their respective fields, in all major vehicle decisions. The supplier partners are right there in the trenches with us making key decisions. This is valuable to the business in so many ways from higher overall vehicle quality to development time reductions to individual part price savings both on the manufacturing and repair sides.

One of the coolest things for us is the unbelievable support and commitment these suppliers have invested in Elio Motors. Think about what this means in the big picture:

  • The worlds largest OEM manufacturers are our partners. We are talking the cream of the crop of worldwide OEM suppliers, with over 30 in attendance for this and every Summit. Here are a couple that you may know:
    • Continental, the world’s largest automotive supplier – on the Elio Team
    • Aisin is the #1 transmission supplier in the world – and our transmission partner
    • Bosch, the world’s second largest automotive supplier, right here working hand in hand to make the Elio great
  • These suppliers actively participate in a two-day immersive meeting, with a start up, which is very unique in today’s environment
    • Plus, you know that they have to put in a ton of pre-work to be ready for the meeting
  • They are taking their immense experience in automotive part manufacturing, literally over thousands of years of experience, to bring the Elio to market the right way

Elio is bigger than a compilation of vehicle parts.  It is validated by the experts in the industry that this is a real, meaningful project that they want to be part of, and effectively becoming a part of history. We send our thanks to all of them for their commitment and hard work.

Working sessions are what it is all about

Working sessions are what it is all about

The Summit ends today and we will have more to share in the coming weeks including the styling changes of your P5.

The Elio Preview Tour:

June 20 – June 28 – The Great Race

Thank you for your continued support.

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