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Happy Friday Elio friends and family.  The summer presses on and each day we get closer to making the next big thing in transportation, the Elio!

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This weeks blog came to me yesterday afternoon, literally, as I was heading home from a meeting.  It was rush hour traffic time, 5:45 pm, and I was astonished as I sat there in a left hand turn lane waiting for my turn.  You may be asking, what could have been so great about watching traffic drive by?  The thing that hit home, again, was the number of vehicles with only one person inside! I counted over 200 cars/trucks and only eight of them had more than one person! Of course the 5 minutes counting cars with one person does not an official survey make, but I bet you would come up with similar numbers next time you are driving to work!


The “driving to work and looking around” method is probably not the most statistically accurate but there are a lot of organizations that officially agree with the conclusion from yesterday’s commute.  A number of surveys have been completed and all agree that we commute alone. The Wall Street Journal (click here) published an article late last year that stated 76% of people in the US over 16 years old commute alone.  That is a lot of people and a lot of miles driven. Some people have options when it comes to commuting but many do not.  Car pooling attracts 12.7% of commuters and can really work in the right situation and buses and other public transportation equates to almost 4%. Shoot, even commuting by bike/walking garners 3.5% of the US commuters.

For those of us that don’t have access to a functional public transportation option, the 76%+, what do we do?  Today we use our every day vehicle to go back and forth to work and run errands.  What is our every day vehicle?  An SUV?  A four door sedan? A minivan? Probably.  That leads to a lot of empty space and extra metal dragging to and from work five days a week, 50 weeks a year.

We do this today because we have to.  Most of us can afford one car (or one each) that we have to use for everything from driving kids and their friends to an activity to running errands to going to work.  Every activity is different but we are forced to buy a vehicle for the “best case scenario” of what we may need;  in this example taking the kids and friends to baseball.  The downside is all of that space is empty while you do the vast majority of your driving miles and time.  That is where the Elio can save the day!

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 5.46.37 PM

We have developed the answer for the millions of families that live with this problem every day, the Elio.  The economics of the Elio allow for a family to add an Elio to their driveway for very little money out of their pocket or better yet even save money every month!  So how does that work?  Here is the top line math for loan and fuel costs:

Current Vehicle:
Current Mileage to work and back 12000
Gas/gallon  $        4.00
Total Spend:  $ 2,086.96
With an Elio:
Current Mileage to work and back 12000
Gas/gallon  $        4.00
Total Spend:  $    798.67
Savings:  $ 1,288.29
Elio Payment per month:  $    128.00
Total Year Payment:  $ 1,536.00
(Table using EPA blended MPG, 12,000 miles per year, $4.00/gallon gas.  Highway commutes will create additional savings)

In the above example you could have an Elio for your family, using it for work mileage only, and it would cost you around $20 a month.  The longer your commute, the lower this number goes.  This also doesn’t take into account the depreciation on your current vehicle for all of those miles which can be over $1000 per year just for the mileage (to say nothing about the 15% per year that vehicles depreciate over the first 4 years, $5500/yr. versus $1020/yr. for the Elio).

The Elio gives Americans something that has never before been possible, an affordable choice in vehicles that they can add into their existing fleet and not have to settle.  The perfect addition! This is the real economy behind the Elio that can positively impact many American families.  What will the Elio save you or your family?

This week on the Preview Tour:

Portland, OR:  July 11, 2014 – July 13, 2014 – Washington Square Mall – 9585 SW Washington Square Rd – Friday and Saturday 10-9, Sunday 10-7 – This is a P4 showing

Port Huron MI: July 11, 2014;  Mackinaw Boat Race;  The Power Squadron 619 River Rd. Port Huron, MI 10am to 8:30pm – This is a P3 showing

 West Branch, MI:  July 12, 2014; Loggers Depot 314 Houghton Ave. Noon to 3pm This is a P3 showing

Next Week:

San Francisco Bay Area:  July 18, 2014 – July 20, 2014  – Village at Corte Madera – 1618 Redwood Hwy, Corte Madera, CA – Mall Hours – This is a P4 showing

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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