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Happy Friday Elio’ers! It feels like we’re already in the “dog days” of summer. If you thought that phrase came from the idea that it’s too hot for a dog to get up and fetch, you’re not alone. Fun fact: the term actually comes from ancient Greece and Rome, referring to the time when the ‘canine’ star (Sirius) seemed to rise in the morning before the sun in July. This time of year is rough for a sports fan. No football, basketball, hockey, and even baseball took a break for a few days this week. The Summer Olympics can’t come soon enough. From there, we glide right back into the swing of things with football season. We’re getting there!

We have Elio Team members working all across the country, but we consider Shreveport our home. We are proud to call our plant in Caddo Parish our manufacturing home. The Shreveport manufacturing facility was previously owned by General Motors, who produced more than 4.8 million vehicles in the building. Remember the Hummer craze of the 2000’s? They were produced at our Shreveport facility. Our plant is large enough that it even makes the Empire State Building look relatively puny- our plant spans 3.2 million square feet of manufacturing space compared to the Empire State Building’s 2.7 million square feet. Take that Big Apple!


Not only is our facility an invaluable asset, but the people of Shreveport are a gigantic benefit to the project. We have the opportunity to draw from some of the best automotive workers in the world. No one knows more about our plant or the people of Shreveport than our Plant Manager Doug Frick. Doug has worked in our Shreveport facility and lived in the area for 16 years. Behind the scenes, Doug and his team are putting the pieces in place for the big show: production.

Our recent progress with the E-Series vehicles is a major mile marker on the road home to Shreveport. We haven’t talked about the plant a whole lot because there will be a lot of that conversation leading up to the start of production. Earlier this week, we released a shortened tour of our Shreveport plant, guided by none other than Doug Frick. For you diehard Elio fans, we have good news! Below is an extended version of the plant tour, with even more great information.


In case you missed it, yesterday Paul Elio participated in an online conference on Virtual Investor Conferences. Paul discussed the highlights of the project, and then took questions from the virtual audience. To watch the presentation, click here (quick registration required.) A big thank you to everyone who contributed! We had so many people participating that Paul could not get to every question. If you sent in a question during the event, we will be responding to your inquiries in the next few days!

Elio Preview Tour:


Thanks for your support and have a stupendous weekend!

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