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Frequently Asked Questions

The Elio comes standard with a 3 year/36000 mile warranty!

Yes! We will have many ways to finance your Elio including the traditional ways plus a unique to Elio credit card offer that will effectively have your gas savings make your payment!

Ultimately, yes! Our strategy is to roll out the US market first and make sure that everyone here is served and satisfied before we move to international markets. As for what countries will we enter first, that decision has not been finalized – but it’s safe to say Canada will be at or near the top of the list.

We had a great press conference in May announcing our Blue Chip list of supplier partners. Please go to our supplier page and check them all out. As far as the engine, IAV has designed a great power plant and we will build it in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Elio will do well in all kinds of weather! The front engine, low center of gravity, front wheel drive and ABS will create some great traction action to help pull the Elio through the snow or other bad weather. Word of caution though, we are not a 4-wheel drive urban assault vehicle, so if there are 5′ snow drifts, stay home and wait until the plows come through!

Yes! Most everyone will fit in the Elio. We designed the vehicle to fit a 6’1” 220 person and have had many larger and smaller people try it out and loved it! Tallest so far… 6’8”, largest so far … 6’3” 365, smallest … under 5’ (weight not asked!).

Most of them do not.  Please take a look at the PDF here for your current state laws.

Check out the Elio Store Tab at the top of the page for the latest updates to our distribution strategy.

The entire program will roll out this year and will detail all available options. Keep in mind; your Elio will already be nicely equipped with premium features that are standard. These include A/C, Heat, Power Windows, Power Door Lock, AM/FM Stereo, and more.

Elio Motors will run our own Elio Dealerships in the top 60 markets in the USA.  Check out the ELio Store tab at the top of the page for more information!

Our production plan shows the delivery of the first Elio in 2015. We are limiting reservations to our first year estimated capacity so that everyone that reserves a vehicle will have one in the first year. Once you make a reservation to lock up a spot – you’re next on the list to receive one. Here is the order that the reservation holders will get their vehicles:

  • All-in $1000
  • All-in $500
  • All-in $250
  • All-in $100
  • I Want In $1000
  • I Want In $500
  • I Want In $250
  • I Want In $100

The Elio will run on regular, unleaded fuel.

Ultimately, yes. We’re planning a series of events close to the delivery of our first vehicle to let our supporters get the Elio feeling. Once we are in full production, you’ll be invited to one of our ride and drives that will be much more comprehensive, fun and informative than a typical “test drive.”

According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) “Motorcycle” means a motor vehicle with motive power having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. So if it is less than four wheels it is a motorcycle. But what do you see when you look at the Elio? Fully enclosed, power windows, wiper blades, steering wheel, gas and brake pedals… you be the judge.

You can reserve your Elio right now by clicking “Reserve your Elio!”.

The two best places for information are on our Elio Facebook page and here at Stay tuned for other ways to learn about us.

Most states do not require a motorcycle license to operate the vehicle, a regular driver’s license is usually enough. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to be sure.

We’re not insurance people, nor do we play one on TV, so we can’t give you a definitive answer. That said, we do expect the Elio will be as economical to insure as it is to operate, based on a few of the basic tenets of vehicle insurance: cost to replace (advantage Elio, $6,800 vs. $big), injury to occupant (advantage Elio with anticipated 5-star safety), and service part cost (again, advantage Elio).