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FAQs: Price Lock


We are reaching out to you today to provide additional clarity to the Friday, August 12 letter regarding establishing a “locked in” base price for “non-refundable” reservation holders. The letter explained in detail the reason for this opportunity, which is to further indicate to the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that Elio Motors has committed purchasers — not just “non-refundable” reservation holders.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to provide valuable updates relating to where the reservation count stands as we march toward reaching 65,000 reservations, which is how long this special offer will last (currently, there are only 8,177 reservations left!).

In order to simplify the process of locking in your price, please select one (1) of the following three options based on your personal preference:

  1. I am a “non-refundable” reservation holder and want to maximize my savings and lock in the $7,000 price by signing a binding commitment; what do I need to do?
    1. If you have a “non-refundable” reservation and want the $7,000 locked in price, click here to accept the binding commitment.
  2. As a “non-refundable” reservation holder, I want the $7,300* locked in price and choose not to take advantage of the additional $300 savings; what do I need to do?
    1. The $7,300* base price has been established for all “non-refundable” reservation holders, up to the first 65,000 total reservations. No action is required.
  3. I have a “refundable” reservation and I want to lock in a price; what do I need to do?
    1. You must first convert to a “non-refundable” reservation. Click here to make this happen.

Still have more questions? You may find them below in our most frequently asked questions with corresponding answers:

Q:  To make a binding commitment and receive the $7,000, am I paying the full $7,000 base price now?

A:  Absolutely not. This process only binds your commitment to purchase your Elio and allows you to lock in the price.

Q:  Does the established lock-in price change my reservation bonus?

A:  No, your “non-refundable” reservation bonus remains and will be applied to the final purchase price of your Elio.

Q:  As a “non-refundable” reservation holder, how long do I have to lock in the $7,300* base price? More specifically, when does the lock-in price program end?

A:  The program will end when we reach 65,000 total reservations (total current reservations can be seen at: That means if you have a “non-refundable” reservation and make a binding commitment, you can lock in the additional incentive base price of $7,000 only up until we reach 65,000 total reservations.

If you’re already a “non-refundable” reservation holder and choose not to take advantage of the   additional $300 savings before we reach the 65,000 total reservations, the base price of your Elio will be set at $7,300* without requiring further action from you.

Q:  How do I know if my binding commitment to lock in the $7,000 base price (and receive an additional savings of $300) was accepted?

A:  Two things happen when you complete your binding commitment: you will immediately see a confirmation pop-up (or error if something isn’t working) and you will receive an email confirming receipt of your binding commitment.

We are currently sending out confirmation emails every other day and will soon move to an   automatic reply so that you will get your confirmation within minutes of your $7,000 lock-in.   Please remember to check your junk mail if you do not see your confirmation email in a couple of days.

Q:  My email doesn’t work/I changed my email, what do I do?

A:  You need to use the email that you made the Elio reservation with, unless you have emailed us and we have confirmed that your email has been changed in the system. If you have multiple emails, we are here to help if you cannot recall which email is associated with your Elio reservation. Email us at [email protected].

As always, we thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

The Elio Team



*MSRP for non-refundable reservations only and applies only until non-refundable and refundable reservations total 65,000. Total current reservations can be seen at: MSRP excludes destination/delivery charges, taxes, title, registration, and options/installation.

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