Rocket Fuel

Gas or Electric?


As automakers continue to turn their focus to different power sources, we are regularly asked if the Elio will utilize alternative sources of power. The first model of the Elio will be gas powered for a variety of reasons. Today’s Momentum from the archive is a review of these reasons.

There is no denying the fact that the Elio is a conversation starter. Conversations about the Elio inevitably lead to a barrage of questions. And why not? A vehicle sporting a unique configuration, an unbeatable price, and unprecedented efficiency is guaranteed to inspire curiosity. The sleek, almost futuristic look of the Elio splits new observers into two different categories. One group naturally assumes the vehicle is electric powered due to its ultra-high mileage. The other wants to know if the Elio will be electric powered in the future.

So, why did we decide to make the first version of the Elio gas powered? Here are the reasons:


There are four “musts” that are kept in mind when considering every decision we make concerning the vehicle. Our mission is to manufacture an affordable, safe, efficient vehicle that is manufactured in the United States. As far as any decision regarding the vehicle or the company itself is concerned, the solution must be run through these four tenets. These four guiding principles are at the heart of our mission and are who we are as a company. At this stage, making the Elio an electric vehicle runs up against our “affordability” tenet. An electric vehicle costs significantly more to produce than a gas-powered vehicle. The cost of a replacement battery for some electric cars can range from $3,600 to over $6,000. So, an internal combustion engine makes for a better fit for Elio Motors.

Is It for Everyone?

The Elio’s appeal is undeniable. Whether your focus is personal savings, environmental friendliness, saving time on your daily commute, or American-made products, the Elio is for you. As currently constructed, the infrastructure for electric vehicles is lacking when compared to gas-powered vehicles. Our vehicle is designed for more than just quick trips around town or exclusively for long hauls to and from work. Our vehicle is designed to be a viable option for both situations, which makes a gasoline-powered vehicle the more logical choice.

Tried and True?

Each engineer involved with the Elio knows the directive all too well. “No new technology.” The Elio can be thought of as a perfect paradox. It is at the same time new, because of its unique configuration and the fact that it’s driven by the four “musts.” Yet, it’s also proven because it utilizes validated and existing technology. By using proven and existing technology, we can ensure that our vehicle will be reliable and affordable. Electric vehicles on the market contain a considerable amount of new technology. While this technology is promising, there is still progress to be made.


The Elio concept creates a considerable amount of enthusiastic conversation. Many supporters and observers want to know if we plan on producing an electric version in the future. Our mission is driven by our four tenets, which creates a great framework to produce a vehicle that is practical for the vast majority of the population by using proven and existing technology. While we are more than satisfied with our vehicle as currently constructed, we are always keeping an eye on the future. Today, the conversation is about the gas-powered Elio. But, given Elio Motors is focused on enhancing the notion of personal transportation, that conversation could very well include different power sources in the future.

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