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3 Wheels. 2 People. 1 Mission.

The Countdown to a Revolution Has Begun

Elio is more than a car.
It's a mission.

Our goal is to revolutionize American transportation. We're creating the ultimate commuter vehicle for virtually every budget. One that gets up to 84 MPG, has a targeted base price of just $7,450, and will create in excess of 1,500 American jobs.

Amazing MPG

Up To 84 MPG

Uncompromised Safety

Elio Safety Management System

All-American Pedigree

Manufacturing Facility in Louisiana, USA

Low Price

$7,450 Targeted Base Price

What It Is

Ultra-High Mileage, Ultra-Low Cost, American-Made vehicle for drivers looking to shake up the status quo without compromising safety or style.

What We're Doing

Elio will alter the course of transportation. We believe transportation should be affordable, efficient, and American-made.

Join the
65,000+ reservation holders
who are saying goodbye to the ordinary and saying hello to Elio.