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Super Elio Sunday 2-5-16

Happy Friday Elio’ers! What are you doing Sunday afternoon, say around, and 6:35 pm EST? […]

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The Impact of Fleet Sales on the Automotive Industry | Elio Motors

It does not take an automotive insider to know that the automotive industry celebrated a […]


The next milestone is within reach… | Elio Momentum v39

Hoboken…No Jokin’, We’ve got 50,000 Reasons to Celebrate Hoboken, New Jersey. Ever been there? It’s […]

Tech Talk

Tour Questions Answered | Elio Motors

Hello Elio’ers!  Since the tour is off this week, we figured we’d take this time […]

Forbes- Elio Motors Finding Success With Mini-IPO Despite Market Headwinds

According to Forbes, the IPO market has been struggling since last fall, a trend which […]

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