Rocket Fuel

BUSINESS INSIDER – We just checked out Elio’s tiny car that gets 84 mpg and costs only $7,300 — here’s what it was like

Elio Motors has one of the more interesting, and simple, ideas in the auto industry. […]


Refinements to the body of the Elio | Elio Momentum v67

We Can’t Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound, But, We’ll Be Fuel Efficient, Easier […]

Tech Talk

A Preview of the Woodward Dream Cruise | Elio Motors Tour

Hello Elio’ers!  This weekend we’re in the Motor City for the world-famous Woodward Dream Cruise.  The […]

FORBES – Elio Sets Price For 83-MPG Car, Gives Discounts

Forbes writes, “[Elio Motors] has both locked in the vehicle’s starting price and has begun […]

FORTUNE – Elio Motors Offers $7,000 Pre-Orders for Three-Wheeled ‘Autocycle’

FORTUNE writes of Elio Motors’ progress towards production by establishing a locked in base model […]

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