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Happy Friday Elio’ers! It is truly a wonderful time of year: the lights, the gifts, the Holiday Spirit. Even the “grinchiest” among us seem to lighten up and enjoy the season. We know that this is a busy time of year, one filled with travel, shopping, and spending time with family and friends, so the next few blogs will be short, sweet, and to the point.

2017 has been a unique year. Almost all of our efforts this year has gone into funding the project. Yet, 2017 has also seen several improvements to the Elio. For example, we simplified the dashboard and added two new features as standard equipment. Below is an index of the Friday Blogs from the second half of this year. The index for the first half of the year can be found here.

6-30-17 Celebrating Independence

7-7-17 Elio Emails

7-14-17 We’ve Got Your Favorite System Covered

7-21-17 Financing and Insurance

7-28-17 Following Up…

8-4-17 In Case You Missed It- An Important Press Release

8-11-17 How 3 > 4

8-18-17 New Details

8-25-17 New Details, Explained…

9-1-17 Labor Day

9-8-17 Engine Follow-Up

9-15-17 Odds and Ends

9-22-17 Odds and Ends Part 2

9-29-17 Covered, From Front to Back

10-6-17 The Process

10-13-17 It Pays For Itself

10-20-17 Simplifying the Process

10-27-17 Your Elio’s “Costume”

11-3-17 The Many Applications of the Elio

11-10-17 Veteran’s Day, Website, and More…

11-17-17 Yes, It Can Be Fun

11-24-17 Being Thankful

12-1-17 It’s “Snow” Problem

12-8-17 Shreveport, Snow Tires, and More


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