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4 Ways to Improve Your Summer Road Trip | Trending Topics


There are few things as uniquely American as a good old-fashioned road trip. For decades, millions upon millions of Americans have loaded up the family car, picked a favorite destination, were incessantly pestered with the question “are we there yet,” and cruised through the majestic American landscape. This upcoming Monday is Memorial Day, which marks the unofficial start of Summer and, thus, the kickoff of road trip season. Here are a few ways to improve your summer road trip:

  • Stop for snacks, not gas

In past years, many Americans decided to leave their vehicles at home and fly to their summer destinations due to exorbitant gas prices. Luckily, gas prices have come back down to earth in the last few months. But, as many expected, gas prices are again on the rise and gas savings have again become a major factor when considering a road trip. Taking a fuel efficient vehicle will ensure that some stops at the gas station are for snacks and not just gas.

  • Avoid the line, take the HOV lane

Road trips are a great experience and, therefore, very popular, so chances are you won’t be the only one on the road this summer. Moderate gas prices have made a road trip an economically sensible option and the roads will be populated accordingly. This Memorial Day is expected to break records, with an estimated 38 million drivers packing roads for the holiday. When possible, taking the HOV lane can save a lot of time, not to mention frustration. By some estimates, drivers who utilize the HOV lane save 38 hours of commuting time a year.

  • Spend time on the road, not on the side of it

While the road trip in itself is an experience, it is also important to arrive at your destination. So, it’s probably best to leave your inefficient, unreliable clunker at home. Not only will older vehicles require more stops to fill-up, they are also less reliable and the warranty most likely expired before the new millennium. Newer vehicles have become increasingly more reliable and offer warranties for maintenance, not to mention peace of mind.

  • Be Unique


There are always top travel destinations: beaches for fun in the sun, mountains for cool air, and big cities are always the top draws. The United States, from coast to coast, offers countless attractions and adventure that not many know about. Finding one of these well-kept secrets can make for a unique and awesome road trip. If you’re planning on taking a unique trip, a unique vehicle will make for a perfect travel companion.

Americans love to travel and millions of travelers will take a great American road trip this summer. While flying may make for a more convenient option, a road trip offers a sense of adventure and an opportunity to explore the wonders of this great nation.  These are just a few ideas for enhancing your road trip and saving money upon your arrival, but there are many more. Remember, for those taking road trips this Summer, it’s not all about the destination, it’s also about the experience.

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