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65,000 Reservations and Legislative Progress…


Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you had a tremendous week and are gearing up for an even better weekend. How does your bracket look? Not too good? We can sympathize. This year’s tournament has seen some of the favorites cruising toward the Final Four with some significant upsets in the mix. Even if you don’t win your pool, the NCAA tournament is still an excellent excuse to sit back, relax, and watch some basketball.

In this week’s Friday Blog, we want to provide clarification on two topics that have been creating some conversation in the past week: the 65,000 reservation milestone and our recent Momentum on our recent legislative progress.


Below you’ll find the questions that have come in on these topics and the clarification.

What did 65,000 reservations signify?


When we began taking reservations, the base price for the Elio was a targeted base model price. We have worked tirelessly to keep the Elio as affordable as we possibly can, as it is one of our four key tenets. We chose the 65,000 number as the proverbial line in the sand that would end the early adopter stage of our journey. Additionally, the binding commitments also served as further proof of the level of commitment and passion of our supporters that is useful in our funding efforts.


Did you need to reach 65,000 reservations to start production/does production start at 65000 reservations.?


Simply put, no, production was not scheduled to start at 65,000. The 65,000-reservation mark was chosen by us as a number to mark the end of the early adopter stage for our reservations. We plan on filling all reservations in our first year of production and are continuing to offer reservations and are thankful for the tremendous amount of interest in our vehicle and our mission. Your reservations are very helpful as we seek the requisite funding.


Why not put a tiny fourth wheel on the vehicle- this will classify the Elio as a car. Would this help?


Now that’s thinking outside of the box! We’ve heard this suggestion countless times. There are a number of reasons to keep the three wheel configuration like legislative and manufacturing simplicity, cost and countless others. It is actually easier to bring a motorcycle/autocycle to market than a car. Also, as we outlined earlier this week, we have made tremendous progress to this point and are on target to hit our licensing and helmet goals.


How can I help in my state?


As always, we are honored that our fantastic supporters reach out and ask how they can be of help. At this stage, our legislative team has it covered. The biggest way our supporters can be of help is to continue to spread the word about us! By the way, we will and have called on supporters in certain states in the past and may do so again, if needed.


As always, thanks for your support and have a marvelous weekend!

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