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Elio and Green Fleet 10/31/14

Happy Friday Elio friends and Happy Halloween!  This week in the blog we are going to talk about a potentially large part of Elio’s business, fleet.  The impetus: we attended the Green Fleet Conference and Expo this week in Schaumburg, IL with the P3 and members of our “Fleet Tour Team.”  Like other tour stops, we were definitely a hit and probably talked to every person in attendance (including other vendors).  We were next to a major manufacturer for the show, and they spent a lot of time watching us talk to future fleet customers!  Oh, and before you send emails, this was a private event for conference attendees only.  We were in and out so we couldn’t do anything for the public at this time.  We will be back though!


We have talked about “why Elio” quite a bit, but to the fleet customer the economics are many times larger than for an individual. Think about it, you can save $1,500 a year on fuel which is enough to make a LOT of payments.  Now multiply that times 100, or 200 or as much as 1000!  That is real (huge) savings for companies.  Each gallon of fuel saved is money in their pocket and helps save our environment.

Another Elio benefit that got these fleets thinking is the selling price of $6,800. Currently the fleets have a lot of options for vehicles and none of the cars are remotely close in price to the Elio.  You could see the wheels turning when the vehicle cost versus the competition discussion came up… ” I could get 5 Elios for the price of one Crown Vic” and “We could drive the Elio for over 20 or even 30 years just on the savings on the purchase price” were common comments.


Many fleet customers also look for the benefits that are important to you as an individual:  safety: the reinforced steel roll cage, three airbags, ABS and traction control and American made were also huge pluses this week among the fleet managers.

We have always felt that city/state/county municipalities would be the perfect Elio partner, and this week really solidified that belief. We spoke to many Fleet Managers from all around the country about the Elio.  To be fair, we occasionally saw some reluctance about adding the Elio to the fleet, but in almost every case once we started talking about where they could replace an expensive, inefficient vehicle you could feel the tide turn.  There is a spot in every municipality for the Elio be it in parking enforcement, Permit and Code departments, Water and Sewer, everyone we spoke with mentally found a great use for the Elio.  We love it of course, and there is a double benefit in it for everyone as tax payers: less spending on vehicles and gas!  If you would like to reach out to the Fleet group they can be emailed at [email protected]

There are almost 90,000 municipalities ( in the US, think about how much we could save as a country…



This week in the Elio Preview Tour:

Today, October 31st – Las Vegas, NV – Shelby Museum, parking area, 6405 Ensworth Street; 9 am to 12 pm – P4 showing


Thanks for your continued support!

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