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A little Valentine’s FAQ… 2/14/14

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  This also happens to be Valentine’s Day so here is a picture of our “sweetheart.”


Did you get out and get that someone special a gift yet?  If not, it isn’t too late to reserve your special one(s) an Elio, click here to get started!

The blog this week will concentrate on some frequently asked questions from the many ways to communicate with Elio Motors – our website, email, Facebook, Twitter, tour stops, blog comments, snail mail, and more.  We “love” the amount of interest and detail of the questions that we receive.  Sometimes the questions are detailed to the point that it feels like people are trying to build an Elio for themselves!  We will always strive for transparency but sometimes we need to keep the secret sauce under wraps!  Let’s look at a couple of the questions:

Q. How much does the Elio weigh?

  • The targeted curb weight for production for the Elio is 1250 pounds.  That includes the Elio Safety Management System of three airbags, steel reinforced roll cage with side intrusion beams, seat belts, stability control and ABS.

Q. Will there be a destination/delivery fee for the Elio?

  • Yes, there will be a destination/delivery fee for the Elio.  The final numbers are not yet determined, but we will work toward making it as reasonable as possible just like our vehicle.  As customary with other vehicles, there will also be taxes and licensing costs when you buy your Elio.

Q. Where can I see the vehicle now?  How about a test drive?

  • The current prototype is on tour across the US now.  The tour stops are published on our website ( under News and Events) and Facebook page.  These events will give you a chance to see the Elio, sit in it and “try it on for size”.  As far as taking a test drive, look for that to happen as we hit production.

Q. When do I get my production number/spot in line and who gets one?

  • The production numbers, a.k.a. the “Spot in Line”, is a special perk only for the $1000 All In reservation holders.   Approximately five weeks after your $1000 All In reservation you will receive an email from us alerting you to your vehicle number.  That number, your number, will signify the same number vehicle coming off the assembly line.   So, if you were the seventh person with a $1000 All in reservation, you would get the seventh vehicle that rolls off the assembly line!   This distinguished group is the only group that will get a number now because they are assured that no one can go ahead of them in line by making a larger reservation.


Q. Why did the prototype change recently?

  • We get this question (in different forms) a lot.  The project is unique from many standpoints and the prototype process is one of them.  As a company, we have chosen to bring you along for the ride as we develop and fine tune the vehicle for market.  So, instead of hiding the prototypes and doing a single unveiling in 2015, we are showing you how the vehicle develops from idea through reality.  The project is really about creating a vehicle that changes the way you move.  It will fulfill four tenets, our vision:
    • 84 mpg highway
    • Engineered for a 5-star safety rating
    • Made in America
    • $6,800

The changes we make are to fulfill our commitment to you for those four tenets.  Want to customize something – do it!  There will be endless opportunities to personalize your Elio – limited only by your imagination!

Q. Where is the antenna?

  • The antenna for the standard AM/FM radio is in the body of the vehicle… can’t get more aerodynamic than that!

Q. Is this electric?  Why not make this with diesel or CNG?

  • The simple answer is gasoline remains the most practical, cost effective, and generally accepted fuel for our customers in the US market today.  Gas powered automotive engines are a proven technology (eliminating significant technological risk) that has significant infrastructure and support.  It is premature to discuss, but we believe that the Elio platform is perfect for alternative power plants, including diesel, CNG and electric, in the future.

We will continue to address additional questions as we move forward with you on our journey.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day and a great weekend and as always thanks for your support and help in spreading the Elio love!

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