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A Momentum Index


As the United States is a nation of creators and innovators, it should come as no surprise that Americans crave the stories that led to ideas and products that have transformed the lives of millions. From the countless bestsellers detailing the successes and travails of innovators to the numerous podcasts about building a business, there is undoubtedly a voracious appetite for insights on the ins and outs of innovation. From Day One, we have endeavored to provide an unparalleled look into the process of bringing an innovative vehicle to market.

Sending out at least two communications a week can make for a backlog of information, so below is a Momentum index from the past 6 months. Here is the link to the most recent index. Under vehicle, you will find information on the vehicle, as well as recent improvements. The Business of Elio category takes a general look at various aspects of our business. Under Legislation, you can read about our recent successes on the legislative front. Finally, the Automotive News group recaps the latest industry trends.


The Sum of Our Parts

Gas or Electric

The Beauty of Simplicity

Interior Info

Fending for Mileage

Improvements From You

Stability Comes Naturally

Measurements, Gas Prices, and Autonomous Driving

Business of Elio

The Next Generation of Affordable Transportation

Database, the Electric Debate, and More

Home, Sweet Home

The Reason Why

Momentum 150

Appreciating Depreciation: The Elio’s Value Proposition


Legislation Update and More

Autocycle and Other Trends

Legislative Progress Report

Automotive News

Predicting the Trends of 2018 and More

The Gas Tax Debate

This Week In Industry Trends

Industry News

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