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A Penny For Your Thoughts…


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Are you as excited for the weekend as we are? As you know, the NCAA Tournament has already kicked off and games will play throughout the weekend. Also, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. A weekend with corned beef, a green beverage, and non-stop hoops? Count us in!

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that our followers are a very knowledgeable group, and we wanted to hear your thoughts on the future of the automotive industry. Many of you responded with tremendous input and we really appreciate it! We couldn’t fit in all of the responses we loved, but here are some of our favorites.

Keith C, a loyal fan, gives his take on the demographics of Elio buyers:

“The Elio Niche: The Elio design will occupy a unique Niche of Pricing and Mileage, for Commuters, Students, Low Incomes (40% of America), Retirees (for both Traveling and Local transportation), and for Old Bikers who want to give up the Openness of 2-wheels for the Enclosed (AC/Heat) 3-wheel stability. Elio production cannot happen fast enough for me.”

Another loyal supporter, BooBoo, had this to say:

“This year’s Fancy Pickups are last year’s Crossover SUV’s. Trends are always changing for one reason or another. What is being sold, and what people want to buy, are the eternally changing questions of commerce. There are also things that do not change, for instance, a constant yearning for quality, and value. As for the future in transportation. I will talk for myself.

I enjoy driving, and as long as I am able, I would rather drive than be driven. I like to know I could go far even when I don’t have to. I like a vehicle with ” Vigor, vim, vitality and punch”. I like to be able to rely on my vehicle to take care of me as long as I take care of it. I like a vehicle that likes me back. When I look at an Elio, it feels like it is saying, I like you too, let’s go have fun. Let’s go Elio.”

In terms of where the industry is headed, Peter opined:

“The automotive industry is moving toward increasingly complex power and navigation systems that improve performance and convenience. This will lead to increased purchase costs and expensive maintenance. When not in 4-wheel rush-hour traffic, I enjoy driving and am not interested in silent electric motors or driverless vehicles.”

Kevin focused on a few changes he would like to see in the automotive industry:

“The American automotive industry must change now to assure sustainability, both for itself and for citizens of Earth. The vehicles it currently produces cost too much in terms of dollars spent and in terms of fuel used and CO2 emitted. Electric Vehicles are already a solution for two of these problems, especially when using renewable energy. They are, however, not yet affordable for many. To make a difference now, the American automotive industry must build affordable, efficient vehicles now.”

Finally, Lee gives a unique perspective:

“I think there should some greater emphasis on cybersecurity for automotive chips to cut down attempts for hackers to get into a car’s chip”

Thanks to everyone who sent in their thoughts. Have a tremendous weekend!

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