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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you are ready to enjoy the last weekend of the summer and then head into the fall season!

In case you missed this previous Momentum, we covered some interesting industry news. One portion in particular, about electric vehicles, seemed to have been of interest to many Elio Motors supporters and gung-ho proponents of alternative energy. We highlighted the fact that while electric vehicles have generated a remarkable amount of buzz, the technology is not quite there yet. We received many inquiries asking variations of these two questions: why is the first model of the Elio gasoline-powered and will future models run on alternative energy? Today, we’ll revisit the answers to these two great questions.

Why is the first iteration of the Elio gas powered?

Our aim has always been to produce a vehicle with an unbeatable value proposition. While electric vehicles have made major strides in recent years, they are still considerably more expensive on average than gasoline-powered vehicles. The range of electric vehicles is going up and the cost of the technology is going down, but an electric powertrain does not currently meet our cost/value requirements. The price of even the least expensive electric vehicles is more than 3 times that of an Elio!

Additionally, we have designed the Elio to be a viable option for nearly everyone. Currently, the existing electric infrastructure limits the plausibility of owning an electric vehicle for folks in rural areas. As a gasoline-powered vehicle, the Elio offers limitless mobility to drivers in the most remote locations.

Is an electric/water/vapor/sun/wind powered Elio a possibility in the future?

In a word, absolutely. We think that the configuration and engineering for the Elio makes for an exciting platform for alternative power sources. Even as we are focused on the present and bringing the gasoline-powered Elio to production, we will always be simultaneously looking to the future and into different ways we can improve our vehicle. As technologies continue to improve and costs continue to drop, the notion of an alternative Elio powertrain is absolutely a possibility.

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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