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A Press Conference Recap


As most of you know, Shreveport, Louisiana, is the home of Elio Motors. While our engineering is conducted in Michigan and our headquarters is in Arizona, Louisiana is our true home. There are many reasons we have chosen to make Shreveport our home base. For one, our manufacturing facility is world class and is an invaluable asset to producing a quality vehicle. More importantly, the people of Shreveport have made the area feel like a perfect fit for Elio Motors. When major manufacturers left the area in search of larger profit margins, they left behind a hard working and skilled workforce. We plan on tapping into this pool of skilled workers by creating upwards of 1,500 manufacturing jobs in the area. Shreveport residents have a stake in the success of Elio Motors, which is why our CEO Paul Elio has made it a priority to visit the area to give an Elio Motors status update.

On the heels of a recent funding related press release, Paul Elio wanted to visit Shreveport to bring everyone involved up to speed. On Friday, May 11th, Paul provided an update on the progress of the project and then fielded questions from members of the media.

The full press conference can be found at this link, but here are the bullet points:


As we’ve outlined in a recent press release, we are making progress on the funding front. As we continue to make progress, we will communicate what we can when we can.


Recently, we were able to conduct a meeting with our supplier partners. Despite the delay, our supplier partners are still fully engaged and are working to finalize the design of the Elio.

The Plant

Contrary to the belief held by a few, our facility in Caddo Parrish is not empty. While some of the equipment that we will not use has been sold to move the project forward, the infrastructure and equipment that will be used to produce the Elio remains in the plant.

The Reason Why

We feel that our project must succeed and can have a multitude of positive effects: producing an American made vehicle, creating new American jobs, providing affordable transportation, and reducing American gasoline consumption by a meaningful amount.

Earlier this week, Paul made an appearance on a popular syndicated talk show, The Lars Larsson Show. Being a longtime Elio supporter and reservation holder, Lars Larsson asked astute questions which resulted in a terrific conversation. Here is the link to listen to the entire segment:


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