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A Star is Born – 1-29-15


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Also, now brace yourself, happy National Puzzle Day! Full disclosure it isn’t truly a “National Day”, yet, and it would literally take an act of congress to make it happen. Today also has a flower (Black-Eyed Susan) and a recipe (Tomato and Beef Casserole). This information alone may allow you to check off the “learn something new every day” cliché. You’re welcome.

But we have something way cooler to show you that may be new to many of you…

One of our commitments to you as fans and supporters is taking you along for the journey towards redefining the way people get from here to there. That takes on many faces from things like this blog, to the Momentum, to interviews, supplier partners, shows… too many moving pieces to count. When you look at everything that is happening every day it is really amazing how many pieces go into starting up a new transportation company like Elio Motors.

This week was another great week. One of the events that made it exceptionally fun was a real live photo shoot with the P5 in Detroit metro area. And before you ask, yes, we will be sharing the photos with you in the near future and they will be on the website as soon as post-production is complete.

If you have never been to a photo shoot, they are incredibly interesting. First, the day starts early and goes late, in this case it was well into the night. There is a lot of set up and making sure the lighting and angles are perfect, a single shot could take 40 minutes to set up. We shot for over 16 hours that day. That is pretty normal, really, but with the full schedule that Paul and the P5 have, we had to do everything while we had it so P5 can get on to additional important events with supplier partners, engineering and the like.

Our shoot was in what they call an infinity curve or cove. The best way to explain it is like standing in the bottom of a large pool, without water, cut in half, that is painted white and is 30’ deep. The cove has no corners as every wall juncture is rounded off like the bottom of a pool. Using a cove makes the vehicle the star and removes distractions from around the vehicle so as to isolate the subject. It really makes the vehicle pop in the photo, sometimes making it look like it floats. There are also tons of lights, tripods, board reflectors and other items that I don’t even know what they call them.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks behind the scenes!



It was a great day. Thanks to our marketing agency and our photographer John and his team.

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