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Air Herald Article 9/29/14

Elio Motors Still on Schedule to Produce Vehicle in 2015, They have Over 34,000 Reservations!

Posted by: Amir Heydari Posted date: September 29, 2014

SOURCE: Air Herald

Elio Motors is getting closer to production they are saying, which is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2015. The company is saying that they have 34,000 reservations for their new car/motorcycle (depending on where you live), and that number is up 6,000 from the previous month.

What they are currently doing now is working with a local contracting company to remove some equipment that they don’t need from a manufacturing plant the purchased a few months ago. The plant is in Shreveport, Louisiana and when it opens, it should bring more than 1,500 jobs to the area.

Although it’s less than the 3,000 jobs the plant created when GM was running it, it’s still more than what the town has now. Elio Motors says that part of making a cheap vehicle means that they need to have an efficient production process in their manufacturing operations.

They had to figure out what equipment they needed and what could be sold. Elio Motors is the company producing the Elio, which is a three-wheeled car that is supposed to cost just $6,800 new and have two seats. The problem is that because it’s a three-wheeled vehicle, in some states the Elio will have to be classified as a motorcycle rather than a car. It’s pretty small and is supposed to get 84 miles to the gallon.

Many people are excited for the car that is why it has 34,000 reservations so far. In order to drum up excitement for the vehicle, Elio Motors has been touring the country promoting the vehicle. They recently received some flak for cancelling an appearance at the Dallas Texas State Fair, but the company has said they are still on track with everything and that the cancelled appearance has nothing to do with the production of the cars.

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