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Happy Friday Elio friends and family! Wow, what a day! If you haven’t heard by now, we are embarking on a brand new program, under a program called Regulation A+ (Reg A), that allows normal everyday people like you and me to get in on the ground floor of start-up businesses like Elio Motors. We are very excited at how this has kicked off and can’t wait to see where this can go! Thanks to the hundreds of you that have jumped in to show your support, in the first 6 hours none the less, your passion for changing America is unmatched.

There are so many things to talk about regarding today and Reg A. First, have you seen our newest video yet? It is arguably the best single piece we have made, ever, and really gets to the heart of the Elio story. You can see it here on the website. Well worth the two minutes of your day.


StartEngine is one of our partners who is helping us roll out this important program. The website has performed fantastically today especially knowing that today is the official national start day of Reg A+. Have you been there yet? If not, check it out. There have been some questions that have come up today through social media and email that may help others:

  • Why does the website go to
    • We chose to redirect all of our traffic from to StartEngine because of the importance of the program and to make sure the thousands of people that have asked about joining the revolution on the ground floor see it and have the opportunity to participate. This will be in place for the campaign launch and then return to normal.
      • Here is a hint: From the StartEngine Elio Motors page, click on the “Reserve Your Elio” button to be taken directly to the Elio Motors website

Click this button on the Start Engine Elio Motors page to get to the website

  • How do I log in to StartEngine, with my Elio info?
    • StartEngine is a separate website so you will need to create an account there. Your Elio password will not work on their site. It is simple and takes less than a minute to enroll. Click the “sign up” button at the top right of the page to begin.
  • Why not use KickStarter or another crowdfunding site?
    • Starting today the SEC is allowing companies like Elio Motors to “test the waters” on offering an equity opportunity to the general public. is a website dedicated to this new rule (Reg A). In contrast, Kickstarter and similar sites are rewards based crowdfunding sites which takes deposits or reservations for a product to help it get produced.

Elio Motors and Reg A are gaining traction at a fantastic rate, both with participation in the new Reg A program and in the media. Check out the article from today about Elio and Reg A on (Crowdfunding Just Got More Exciting with SEC Regulation A+: Elio Motors Leads Pack).

You have an advantage today over most Americans – you are aware of a start up that is allowing everyone to get in on the ground floor. Are you going to take advatange of this opportunity and follow Paul’s mantra of “do something”? #alterthecourse

The Elio Preview Tour:

June 20 – June 28 – The Great Race

Thanks for your support!

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