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It doesn’t seem like the word is really out there yet, despite Elio Motors getting ready to launch it’s new automobile next year.  They are coming to the market as a US-based manufacturer who will be offering a quirky 2-seater, 3-wheeled automobile that crosses the lines between a car and a motorcycle. The Elio Motors vehicle offers a lot of bang for the buck, which almost sounds too good to be true.

With the expected launch of the new Elio Motors in late 2014, you will be able to start placing reservations now to get your name on the list to pick one up. People who place a deposit to get on the list will be promised their very own Elio as part of the first year’s production run. The larger the reservation you make, the higher your name gets on the list to get one first. But what do you really get for a measly $6,800? Surely it can’t be all that great, right?

Elio has mentioned that they will be providing a vehicle that gets approximately 84 miles per gallon on the highway, comes with a stereo and air conditioning, as well as power locks and power windows standard. That already sounds like a lot of options for such a cheap price tag. In fact, the Elio hits the wallet at about half the price of the least expensive car currently being sold in America.

That is where the fine line starts to get blurred a little. Is it really a car? The answer is, “not exactly.” Because the Elio only has three wheels, the vehicle will be listed as a motorcycle in most cases, so it really can’t be called a car. The cabin configuration, and the traditional car-like layout of the cabin may have you saying and thinking “car” though, despite its official classification. The last time you checked out a motorcycle, you probably didn’t see one with power door locks or air conditioning, huh? So I guess this would put the Elio more in direct competition with the Can-Am Spider…….or is it? We tend to think that people looking at the Elio are probably more likely to compare it to the Nissan Versa or similar, in terms of value.

We may have seen prospective car companies fail in the past, or even seen a lot or prototypes that never see the light of day after their debut, but let’s hope that the Elio actually hits the streets. We could use cheaper transportation in the United States, and more importantly (since most of us commute by our selves) we can use more environmentally friendly transportation in America. The 84 mile per gallon lure and the lower price tag will hopefully get a lot of attention come the 4th quarter of 2014, but only time will tell. Will you be looking into getting one for yourself?


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