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Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you’re a casual fan of the Elio, you probably know the basics quite well. If you’re a hardcore supporter, you probably know most of the ins and outs of the vehicle. In today’s blog from the archives*, we’re going to review some questions we’ve answered in past blogs that cover the ins and outs that make up our vehicle!

What material comes standard on the floor of the vehicle?

Black/dark gray carpeting will come standard in the Elio and if you want a different color of carpeting it will be available through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. This is a recent change and isn’t even reflected on the configurator yet.

Will daytime running lights come as a standard feature?

Daytime running lights will not come as a standard feature. While daytime running lights will not be standard, the upside is that everyone can control it themselves if you turn on your headlights every time you start up your Elio!

How adjustable is the front seat?

The Elio comes standard with a 6-way manual front seat. 6-way means up/down/forward/aft/lean forward/lean rearward (until impeded by the back seat, like most every vehicle on road today). We are planning on a power seat as an option as well.


Will there be a hook in the rear seat to keep my clothes from getting wrinkled?

Yes, you will be able to transport your dry cleaning in the Elio as a clothing hook comes standard over the window in the rear seat.

How many cup holders are in the vehicle and where are they located?

No fear, both occupants will stay adequately hydrated (or caffeinated) in the Elio. The driver’s cup holder is located in front of the gear shift, while the rear cup holder is situated on the right in front of the passenger.

Will there be an option for lights on the fenders?

At this stage, we do not plan on offering lights on the fenders of the Elio. In terms of visibility, the Elio is by no means the first vehicle to have outbound wheels (think the Plymouth Prowler) but fender reflectors will be available.  The reflectors are on the “bubble list,” meaning that if we can fit them into the base price they will come standard. Stay tuned!

 Will the Elio pull a trailer?

The Elio is designed to do many things: achieve incredible gas mileage, sail through the HOV lane, and much more. Our first model is not designed to pull a trailer and, at this stage, we do not plan on offering a trailer hitch as an option. For extra luggage space, a roof rack will be available as an option.

What kind of key comes standard in the Elio?

Currently, a standard key/fob will come as standard equipment, one piece. This is not in stone at this point as we are working with vendors to minimize cost in all areas.

Will a rearview mirror be an available option?

We do not plan on offering a rearview mirror as an option because it is an obsolete feature in the Elio. With our front-to-back configuration and vehicle geometry, the side mirrors provide the driver with adequate sightlines for backing up. Additionally, a rearview camera is a popular request and will be available as an option.

Does the interior come with a dome light?

Yes, a dome light located directly above the steering wheel comes standard.

Can I remove the back seat for extra storage?

Yes, you could, but the space gain is minimal as the rear seat is formed and shaped and overall fairly thin. Remember, the rear seat folds down for extra storage space.

Will the Elio have a space to store insurance, registration, and other important documents?

Yes, the storage area is located on the lower right-hand side of the driver’s seat below the gear shifter. Also, there will also be a kind of “map pocket” located inside the door.


Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

* Originally published July 20, 2018

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