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An Elio Motors Progress Update

More Progress and Many Thanks

At Elio Motors, we begin every day with one goal in mind: do everything you can do today to alter the course of transportation. Some days, this progress is behind the scenes. On other days, the progress is more visible. Last week, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, we introduced to the public <news conference> a tangible symbol of the progress we have made. The E1c, one of our engineering series vehicles, has garnered quite a bit of attention, which has led to a series of great questions from our fans. Today, we will address some common questions regarding the E1c.

On our road from prototype to production, we have made several significant improvements to the vehicle, many of which can be seen on the E1c. For one, the vehicle was assembled using more than 80 percent soft tooling. While the prototype vehicles were hand-built, the E1c was assembled using short-term, low-cost production tools, which demonstrates the manufacturability of the Elio.

Some of the improvements on the E1c may be nearly invisible to the naked eye. For example, the E1c features a unibody frame and a modified suspension. The unibody frame improves the vehicle’s manufacturability, energy absorption, and safety tuning. The E1c’s modified suspension allows for improved aerodynamics, sharpened handling, and increased longevity.

Momentum 11

The E1c debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show

The E1c also features some major safety improvements from previous prototypes. For example, the E1c is the first vehicle to be equipped with airbags. The vehicle features two roof-rail side-curtain airbags, as well as the driver’s airbag located in the steering wheel. These components are essential to the Elio Motors Safety Management System.

While the vehicles from the prototype phase used plexiglass, the E1c is the first Elio Motors vehicle to use tempered automotive glass from our supplier, Guardian. There are also more visible improvements to the E1c. Changes can be found to the vehicle’s radio, steering wheel, and driver’s seat. All of these changes show improvements to the vehicle that reflect the final production intent.

Momentum 12

Visible improvements have been made to the E1c’s interior.

As we have moved from the prototype to the engineering phase, hundreds of improvements have been made to the vehicle. While some are more visible than others, each of these improvements is representative of our progress and will ultimately allow us to produce the best possible vehicle.

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we would be remiss if we did not offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has been instrumental in our progress. To all our Elio Motors team members, reservation holders, supplier partners, and supporters around the world, we offer our sincere thanks for everything that you do. Your support makes our progress possible, and for that, we are truly thankful.

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