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Happy Friday Elio’ers! There are few things as American as baseball, and the teams competing for the World Series are suitable symbols of the never give up American spirit. In one corner, you have the Chicago Cubs, who possibly due to the Curse of the Goat have not won a World Series title in more than a century. In the other corner is a team whose city until recently had experienced a long championship drought, the Cleveland Indians. The NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers’ brought home the city’s first ever major championship this summer, and they’re looking to add to their count. The Cub’s haven’t won since 1908. The Indians since 1948. Regardless of your allegiance, we can all agree that the Browns and Bears probably won’t be playing in the Super Bowl.

Last week, we talked about the creativity of our supporters. Our Facebook page is regularly updated with new Elio designs by fans, and their creativity made us think about dressing up the Elio for Halloween.

Halloween competition

Our fans enthusiastically responded with the submittal of almost 100 entries.  A quick recap: the entries showed the Elio dressed for Halloween and were graded on originality, creativity, and artistic prowess. Most of the entries used digital imaging programs, but some were drawn freehand. One of our voters had a list of 30 potential winners and had a really hard time narrowing their list.  We received pictures of the Elio as a football, candy corn, Presidential candidates (really) and as the Batmobile. Your creativity and passion really showed through and we were blown away by the quality of the entries!

3rd place-

4 Benson

Our artist, Marilyn B., caught an Elio Motors shirt based on their depiction of the Elio as a fishing lure. We agree- the Elio is quite the catch!

2nd place-

68 Manning

This entry by Renee M. is fantastic! The Elio isn’t designed for aquatic use, but we love the creativity. For her efforts, Renee wins an Elio Motors hat and a limited edition t-shirt.

Drumroll please…

1st place-

Eric D

Who you gonna call? Elio Motors! This entry has it all: creativity, originality, and artistic skill. We loved the idea and the vividness of the photo. A big hand of applause is in order for Eric D., the winner of the Halloween Costume Competition! Eric will win an Elio Motors hat and t-shirt, as well as a pair of MTX headphones. Congratulations!

To be honest, the Elio Motors Customer Experience Team agonized during the decision process. There were quite a few entries that could have easily won, and quite frankly, we’re impressed! We knew the Elio Motors fan base was creative, but we had no idea they were this creative. Thanks to everyone who participated!

In case you missed it, this week’s Momentum announced our seat supplier, Hyundai DYMOS, and the fact that they will be producing their seats onsite in Shreveport. We’re all about creating American jobs, and we’re thrilled that Hyundai DYMOS feels the same way. To learn more, click here.

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Thanks for your support and congratulations to the winners!

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