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And Then There Were None…


Happy “Good” Friday Elio’ers! It’s safe to say that winter weather has finally faded into the rearview mirror. If you experience a freak snow storm, we’ll take the blame for jinxing the nice weather. For those celebrating a holiday this weekend, we hope that you have the best weather that spring can offer during your Easter holiday!

Before we get to the weekend, we want to cover 3 recent Elio developments.

And then there were none…

There is no denying that the Elio is different. From a legislative standpoint, our vehicle was sometimes difficult to classify. As you probably know, any vehicle with less than 4 wheels, as defined by the federal government, cannot be classified as a car. Our vehicle has three wheels, an enclosed cab, automotive controls, and a safety management system, which places us in a unique position between a “car” and a motorcycle. We have worked with many state legislatures and showed that Elio Motors drivers should not have to wear a helmet. We made a commitment, since our inception, that we would have no issues with helmet laws in any state. Well, by going state-by-state, the final state has fallen and now there are no helmet restrictions to drive an Elio for drivers over the age of 21 anywhere in the USA! Yes, we are happy to announce that West Virginia will no longer require a helmet.

helmet map april

Our Transmission Mission

Earlier this week, we announced an agreement with AISIN Group. AISIN will be the supplier transmission to Elio Motors. AISIN Group is the 6th largest Tier one automotive supplier, not to mention the largest transmission manufacturer. We’ve had quite a few questions come in about the transmission options in the Elio. We’ll have a ton of in-depth information about our transmission options in an upcoming Momentum. Until then, you can rest assured that this partnership is an unequivocal win for Elio owners.


In case you missed it…

Having an innovative idea is difficult. Turning an idea into a reality, however, is a completely different ballgame. The process of getting a revolutionary vehicle to production is full of unique challenges. We think that introducing a unique vehicle should act as a springboard for the way we do business. For this reason, we’ve included our followers along every step of the journey. For example, our front-to-back seating configuration requires a unique wiper system. As a part of the process, this week’s Momentum gives a look into how we have approached and solved this unique challenge.

Thanks for your support Elio’ers!

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