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Answers to Engineering Questions

Something new naturally invites curiosity. A great mind of the 20th century, Albert Einstein, is quoted as saying “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” The Elio is a new vehicle, which by its very nature invites and creates curiosity. As a part of our mission to bring a new vehicle to market, we have endeavored to take our supporters along the journey and provide a unique insight into the process. In a recent Elio blog, we invited our adherents to send in their inquisitive engineering questions. Today, we will answer some of these analytical queries.

When designing and engineering a new vehicle, thousands and thousands of decisions are made to finish the final product. The Elio project and vehicle is driven by four main “musts”: American made, safe, fuel-efficient, and affordable. In a Momentum series, our Vice President of Engineering Jeff Johnston will answer some of the great questions that have come in from Elio Motors supporters.

Q: In the recent details page, hill-start assist is mentioned. What is hill-start assist?

The term Hill-start assist refers to a type of braking which prevents a vehicle from rolling backward when facing a gradient angle when using a manual transmission. When a gradient angle is detected, the hill-start system prevents the vehicle from moving as the driver disengages the brake and clutch and presses the gas pedal.


Q: What is the bolt circle and number of lug nuts or lug studs?

The Elio will use a standard 4×100 mm bolt pattern. The tire size for the front is 135/80 R 15 and the rear tire is 175/65 R15. The rim’s nut is an M12 stud which will require an M19 standard socket wrench.


Q: Has any testing been conducted regarding hydroplaning?

Slow speed testing has been conducted, in conjunction with ABS testing, to ensure the Elio’s safety while driving through wet conditions. This testing has included driving at slow speeds through standing water, ice and gravel and the results have been positive. Elio owners can expect the Elio to perform similar to many four wheeled vehicles on the road today. Two divisions at Continental will lead the charge for testing everything related to the Elio tire leading up to the start of production.

Q: Will the Elio offer a steering knuckle/front suspension anti-squat damper/etc.?

We received a wide variety of inquiries wondering if the Elio will come standard with features typically found on luxury/performance vehicles. Some of the suggested features alone would actually cost more than our targeted base price! Therefore, they will not be included in the Elio as it does not meet one of the four musts (affordable.) Many reasonable options will be available through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program, and through the aftermarket.

Next week, Mr. Johnston will answer some excellent questions we received about the Elio’s engine. Thank you to everyone that sent in their questions.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. During times of distress, we can all come together as Americans and help each other. Stay strong!


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