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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you had a festive and restful couple of weeks and have not found the transition back to reality too taxing. The start of a New Year is always exciting because it means that a new calendar year begins as a blank slate and full of possibilities. Over the past few weeks, a sizable number of new folks found out about Elio, which makes for an exciting start of the year for us! As we welcome our new supporters into the fold, we thought we’d start off the year with a FAQ. We know that for some of our die-hard followers, this information is old hat, but we want to give the newly initiated a chance to have as much information about Elio Motors as you do. Let’s get to it!

First, we received a wide variety of basic, technical questions about the Elio. Instead of answering each question, like how many gallons the gas tank can hold and the mileage on the highway, please find below a link to a spec sheet that contains a tremendous amount of information.

Spec Sheet

Question- Is the Elio electric and if not, when will an electric Elio be available?

The Elio runs on good old regular, unleaded gasoline. Currently, all our focus is on getting our first model on the road, but that doesn’t rule out an alternative sourced Elio in the future!

Question- Once I get my Elio, how will I pay for it?

We plan on making paying for your Elio a breeze by having several different payment options available. We will offer all the typical financing options that you are accustomed to, as well as one that is brand new. For now, we call this option “Let your gas savings make your payment.” Here’s how it will work: Upon picking up your Elio, you’ll get an Elio Motors credit card, which you’ll use each time you gas up your vehicle. If you spend $20 on gas, your card will be charged $60. While $20 will go to the gas company, the other $40 will go toward paying off your vehicle. Some of the details like minimum payment and interest rates are still being worked out, but essentially your gas savings are paying for your new vehicle!


Question- When can I pick my options and colors?

This fun step will begin about 60 days before you pick up your Elio. How will that work? You will receive an email that will have unique log-in credentials for your own personal order page. On that page, you will pick out your color, options, financing plan, etc. and submit your vehicle to be made!

Question- What progress is being made now?

At this stage in the project, we are in funding mode. The production date is estimated to be 76 weeks from the timely and successful completion of our current and subsequent fundraising efforts. The timing and availability of the funds can move and we will do everything we can to keep the project moving forward by utilizing each piece of funding received, as we receive it.

Thanks for your support and have a magnificent weekend!

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