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Barrett Jackson at Mohegan Sun | Elio Motors Tour

Attending a sold-out Barrett-Jackson The World’s Greatest Car Auctions at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut with over 60,000 bidders, sellers and attendees evokes a pondering question: What makes a car a “classic?”  While there are numerous contributions that add value, we believe it boils down to two categories.  What you see, and what you don’t see.  We’ll expound….

There are tangible attributes like styling and innovation that tell you the automaker was years ahead of the industry in their quest of redefining “cool.”  These were cars that set a new standard in function and design with futuristic forward-thinking.  Head-turners fresh from the assembly line that still induce rubbernecking 30 years later.  Cars that were relevant to the times and had a story to tell.  They command a high price at the auction block when offered in their original condition or epically reconditioned.  A welcomed satisfaction for every barnyard hunter in one tiny little word: “SOLD!”

But, we think the excitement that carries over to the intangibles is what leaves the signature of a “classic” on the hearts of every owner.  A lot of “firsts” take place here too.  The first car you learned to drive in, the one that took you on your first date or road trip.  That first brand new car you bought when you landed the dream job.  These are the ones lovingly maintained that have pages of memories, endless adventures, and brought joy with every fill-up at the station.  Vehicles that say “Let’s Go!” with an intrinsic value of personal mobility and affordability.  We believe we have just that.  Here are a few futureliowners who think so too.


Jane from Newport, RI #8024 was so excited when she heard Roush got onboard.  You’ll hear all about the Elio while you sample homemade fudge from her gift shop.  Yup, she brought 8 sweet little packages for all our team members.  And yes, we had fudge for breakfast.


Bill from Agawam, MA who drives a pick-up says “the pictures don’t measure up or showcase the size.  You gotta see it in person.  I definitely like what I see!” 


Jeff #1505 and his lovely bride are car collectors from W. Virginia.  He loves the overall design, mileage, and that it feels like an airplane inside (he’s a pilot).  Both are retired military and looking forward to adding the Elio to their 20+ collection.  


We also want to thank Kevin and Linda from Old Town, CT with two spots in line, Ron from Delaware who is retiring his beloved motorcycle, and Rob from Vermont who came sporting an original Elio shirt.  We appreciate your enthusiasm, support and visit this weekend.  Thank-you to everyone to came to see us at this Inaugural event.  We sure enjoyed getting to know you!

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