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Happy Friday Elio’ers! From the archives, this week takes a look at the Elio by the numbers!

Not long ago, we did some Elio Motors math in the Friday Blog and we like to think we were able to make math fun! While we did the math for you, this week will be even easier as we look at the Elio by the numbers.

1 –           Door:  The Elio has one door on the left side of the vehicle. Why only one? Having one door cuts down on both weight and costs. Also, one door allows us to have a stronger unibody frame, making the Elio a safer vehicle.

2 –           Occupants: This one is self-explanatory- two occupants can sit in the Elio.

3 –           Wheels: Our three-wheeled configuration comes with some built-in advantages, including lower costs, access to the HOV lane, and an undeniably unique look!

7 –           Colors: In order to keep costs down, we have decided to offer seven standard colors: Creamsicle, True Blue, Marshmallow, Licorice, Red Hot, Sour Apple, and Rocket Silver. If there’s a color that you desire which is not on that list, we plan on offering a variety of different wraps!


32 –        Pounds: Estimated number of pounds the tour team consumed in fudge from their favorite stop in Missouri on their multiple trips across our great country.

36 –        States: Number of states that have hosted a tour stop… on our way to 50!

49 –        MPG City: The Elio is designed to get 49 MPG around town

70+ –      Blue Chip Suppliers: Our network of some of the best suppliers in the business is a big part of the project.

84 –        MPG Highway: This is an important number for our commuting fans and as we mentioned in our recent “math blog”, that adds up to some serious savings.

120 –      Retail centers: We plan on having 120 Elio retail centers across the country after all the reservation holders’ vehicles have been shipped. Find the map below!


200+      Tour Stops: While the tour is currently on a break while we focus on the next round of funding, we have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of thousands of folks at over 200 tour stops across the country! We were unable to calculate how many gallons of hand sanitizer was used…

672 –      Mile range: The Elio’s gas tank holds 8 gallons, so multiply that by 84 and you get a 672-mile range. On a road trip, the gas tank will definitely outlast your bladder.

12.5k-    Calls: It’s never a dull moment for our customer service team, who have fielded over 12,500 calls in our history. If you ever think your phone bill is high, this stat should come as some comfort!

13.7k – Twitter Followers: Speaking of, this number could definitely be higher- if you’re on Twitter, follow us!

28.2k:   $1,000 All-In reservations: If you were to make a $1,000 All-In reservation today, you would be around 28,200 in the reservation queue.

145k –   Emails: We have received and answered over 145,000 emails over the years from fans and customers.

3.2mm -Square feet:  Our plant in Shreveport, Louisiana, actually has more square footage than the Empire State Building. We will take up what we need and leave the rest for other manufacturers.  Take that, Big Apple!

∞  –        Number of possibilities: Through our option program, you’ll feel like you’re at a restaurant: you can order your options a la carte. This way, you’ll be able to pick an endless configuration of different option combinations.

65,000+: Our reservation holders:

This number is out of sequence here but is the most important to us. Without the support of our reservation holders, this journey would not be possible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support and for coming along this journey with us!

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