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Celebrating Independence


Happy Friday Elio’ers! What’s your favorite holiday that includes fireworks, backyard BBQ’s, and a celebration of freedom? We’re talking, of course, about everybody’s favorite holiday…Flag Day! But really, as long as you’re not a dog, the Fourth of July is a fantastic holiday. How ever you choose to celebrate, we hope that you take a little time to appreciate how fortunate to live in a free country that lets us celebrate however we see fit. Also, we hope you return to work on Wednesday without ringing ears or any serious burns!

We know that this weekend for many of us will be filled with travel for the holiday, so we’ll keep the blog short and sweet. In fact, it’s estimated that over 44 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this weekend. About 38 million of these travelers will be driving. An Elio Motors team member will be making the long trek from Chicago to Denver- that’s about a thousand mile haul. One way. This team member currently gets 33 MPG on the highway. Not bad, but not exactly great either. Since the national gas price per gallon is $2.24, we’re looking at about a $150 trip (not counting gas station snacks.) In an Elio, that bill drops to $53. The Elio will be a fantastic road trip vehicle!

At Elio Motors, The Fourth of July is an especially important holiday. If you’re new to Elio, we are incredibly proud to be an American company. We think that American manufacturing is quite important, and believe that the United States can once again become a place where we make things. For this reason, we insist on building our vehicle right here in the US, by Americans, and for Americans. To read more about why the Fourth of July is important to us, click here for this week’s Momentum.


Thanks for your support and have a patriotic weekend!

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