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Choose Your Own Information 1/30/15

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Super Bowl Weekend! This is one of the biggest weekends of the year around the globe and almost a national holiday here in the US, are you ready? We get to endure hundreds of hours of coverage and a four hour plus pregame show for eleven minutes of actual football, but we hope you are like us and love every minute of it. Here is to the game being a classic and the commercials being memorable!


The Elio in Arizona

This week we are following up on a prior blog and giving you advance notice of what is coming… a new email system. On Monday February 2, every reservation holder (through February 1, 2015) and every person that has signed up for the monthly newsletter will be receiving an email with a link that will take you to a site allowing you to pick which Elio emails you would like to receive. You can choose what you want to receive by opting in (or out) of three categories (two for non-reservation holders).

The two categories for everyone are Promotions and Information. The promotions email list will notify you of our special promotions and keep you up to date on the reservation program. Those on this list will also receive periodic promotions from our partners that are not reserved for reservation holders only. We have set the system up so that reservation holders will not be included in this list and all non-reservation holders will be included automatically.


The Information list is just that: all information that is Elio! This will include blogs and announcements, cool/notable/significant press coverage, Elio milestones, supplier information and additional information about Elio Motors. All reservation holders and mailing list subscribers will be included on this list.

The final list is for reservation holders only.  This list is for communications specific to being a reservation holder and your vehicle. This may include emails like special offers for reservation holders from our suppliers, polls and similar tools for gathering your opinion, and most importantly your actual vehicle information specific to your reservation! This is a “must” list for all reservation holders and you will be automatically be included on this list.

The new system will allow you to choose the emails that you want to receive.  Additionally, it will enable us to clean up all duplicates (for those of you have multiple email addresses in the system, which is no longer necessary), and eliminate some quirks that a dozen or so people have experienced with the old system (multiple emails to the same address). This will be a solid system that will improve your Elio experience.


This week in the Preview Tour:

January 27 – February 1 – Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix Open; Main entrance in the manufacturers’ tent, tournament hours; P4 showing

Thank you for your continued support!

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