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Comment Reply Friday II – 6/20/14


Happy Friday Elio’ers!  Friday is the best day of the week, and do you know why?  Yep, Elio blog day!  OK, maybe there are other reasons, but we can dream right?!  Here at Elio Motors we believe in the credo that “the only dumb question is the one that is not asked” which is why we will continue to do Comment Reply Friday to make sure we address the questions on your minds.  The challenge here is finding the balance between new fans that find us every day and their questions and our loyal friends and fans that could practically write the Elio story by themselves.  We will answer some new along with more popular repeat questions to make sure that both sides are represented and that everyone can be an Elio expert as quickly as possible!  Let’s go:

– From hundreds of readers in the last month:   How many does it seat?/Can it set 2 people?/Is it electric?/What kind of Gas?/Where do I put my stuff?

  • The Elio is a 2-seat, three-wheeled gas-powered vehicle (regular unleaded gasoline) that will be made in America and is engineered for 84 mpg highway, 5-Star crash test safety rating and sell for $6,800. The driver and passenger sit in tandem, one in front (the driver) and one in back (the passenger), like a fighter jet cockpit (or would it be the pilot and navigator?).  Access to both seats is through the door, similar to how you would get in the back seat of a 2 door vehicle today (think Mustang, Camaro. or coupe).  There is a trunk space in the rear of the vehicle that will hold an airline compliant carry-on bag that is accessed through the trunk lid on the back or from the inside.  The rear seat can fold down, when needed, and will allow you can carry longer items such as golf clubs.

– From 50 or so readers this month:  What about cruise control?/Stereo upgrades?/Rear view camera?

  • One of the ways that we are controlling costs (for more check out this weeks Tech Talk, click here) is making a total of 14 well equipped vehicles: 2 transmissions (auto and manual) times seven colors.  From there we will have an after-sale program that will allow you to make the Elio your very own.  The options list will not be priced and finalized until next year but man will it allow you to do some fun things!  The easiest way to communicate it is we expect to have almost every option available on a car or motorcycle today to be available through our after-sale program or through the aftermarket.  So, yes, cruise control will be available as will rear view camera, multiple levels of stereo upgrades, leather drivers seat, blind spot alert and on and on.


– From Klassic55 -” when are you going to be in southern California??????” and from Ken S. – “When are we going to see the cars in California? I have my name on your list and would love to see and sit in it. I live near San Francisco but will drive to where ever it is,” plus many others with different city requests.

  • First, we are heading west again soon.  The very best place to find out where we are heading is our website (here).  This is our News tab and the Preview Tour is on the right hand side.  We will continue to update the website as we add more stops and the website is also the first place we will share changes (times, venues, etc.).

– Randy B. asked – I went from $500 all-in to $1,000 all-in. How long will it take to get my number and how will I be informed?

  • The $1000 All-In level reservation gets all the bells and whistles that come with every all in reservation – the Limited Edition T-shirt and bumper sticker, the 50% bonus on your reservation amount when you purchase your Elio and the priority spot in line – plus a really great additional perk: a spot in line!  The $1000 all-in reservation holders get an email letting them know what number they are in line, their own Elio number!  So, those of you that have upgraded to the $1000 will also get your spot in line email.  The emails go out every 5-6 weeks and the next one will be around the Fourth of July.


– From Dan S. – Once again, I’d like to ask, is the trunk/bonnet/hatchback part of the package or is it an “accessory” that we will have to pay for? Please respond to this question and thank you for doing so. ” In since the beginning.” San Diego, CA.

  • The trunk/bonnet/hatchback/”boot” is indeed standard equipment.  That change was included in the P4 (our fourth prototype).  The trunk lid will be part of the standard equipment along with Heat and A/C, power windows and door lock, Elio Safety management System (full reinforced steel roll cage, three airbags, ABS) and AM/FM stereo.

That is it for today.  As always thank you for your continuing support!

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