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Covered, From Front to Back


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Everyone has a favorite time of year. With winter comes a variety of snow sports and the Holiday Season, spring inspires optimism and warmer weather, summer offers sunshine and backyard shindigs, and fall features the heart of football season and pumpkin spice everything (if you’re into that kind of thing.) We are officially a week into the fall season and you can count us among the millions of fall fans. Sure, the days may be getting shorter, but the weather is cooler and there is a ton to look forward to. Think about it…the World Series, meaningful football games, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all in the same season? Count us in!

Many blog topics, both Friday Blog and Momentum, are sparked from astute or interesting questions that come in from our supporters. Sometimes they are common questions so we figure we may as well answer them for everyone. Sometimes the questions are pretty unique and specific. Today, after a great conversation with Olga F, we thought we’d cover the front and back seats of the Elio!

The front seat, as we mentioned recently, can be adjusted 6 ways. Just about everybody, short or tall will fit comfortably in the front seat, no problem. The front seat also reclines fully (until it hits the rear seat) so you can catch some roadside shuteye if you are so inclined. The seat is approximately 15 ½ inches off the ground.

Now, to get to Olga’s question! As many of you know, the rear seat folds forward for extra storage space.


With the rear seat folded forward, you can fit your golf clubs or your groceries. Olga, however, has a unique storage need. As she transports rescue animals, she wants to use her Elio to shuttle pups of all sizes around town. Olga wanted to know if she can remove the rear seat and place a crate in the rear of the vehicle. Olga, you are in luck! The rear space will be very modifiable and will fill all kinds of storage needs. Creates, a gate across the vehicle to keep the animals in the rear seat, really limitless opportunities to make Elio fit your needs, within reason…

We did get a question from a gentleman (who will remain nameless) asking as a small business handyman if he could haul 20 4’ x 8’ pieces of plywood to a job site. We like the optimism, but the concept of the Elio is that you can afford to keep the vehicle you use to haul plywood and use the Elio for everything else. While the Elio will not be confused with a pickup truck, even though the back seat is very modifiable and will fill most of your storage needs! Additionally, the rear seat does come equipped with LATCH for car seats. If you’re bringing home groceries, a toddler, or a Doberman, or just need to run some errands around town you will be good to go in your Elio!

As always, we greatly appreciate your support and we hope you have a great weekend!

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