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Database, The Electric Debate, and More…


Email Cleanup

In the next several weeks we will be working to clean up and overhaul our database. Now is a good time to ensure that supporters that want to receive our communications are indeed receiving them. To be clear, we send out two emails a week: the Momentum on Wednesday and the Three Wheeling Blog on Friday. If you are not receiving emails on these days, make sure that [email protected] is on your safe senders list. We will have further information on how to ensure your account is perfectly set up forthcoming in the coming weeks.

Hit the Open Road

Approximately one month of winter remains in the Northern Hemisphere, but once the snow thaws and temperatures rise, many Americans will hit the road and take a road trip. In fact, according to Auto Guide, road trips are more popular than ever. “Road trips accounted for just 22 percent of American vacations in 2015, but that figure jumped to 39 percent in 2016. The majority of road trippers are Baby Boomers, not surprisingly, but GenXers and Millenials account for a good portion as well.”


There are several reasons that the good old-fashioned road trip is mounting a comeback. First, road trippers have more flexibility than their flying counterparts. Road travelers can bring more with them and can make stops at their leisure along their journey. Additionally, air travel continues to grow costlier as even budget airlines are charging more for baggage and legroom. The Elio is an attractive option for those that like to hit the open road on their vacations. At up to 84 MPG and with an 8-gallon gas tank, the Elio is the perfect road trip vehicle for solo travelers and couples.

Gas Now, Electric Later

Electric vehicles have never been more popular than they are today. Many industry experts agree that the future looks to be electric and other alternative fuel sources. Yet, the electric future may not be as imminent as it once appeared. According to Wired “electric cars are nowhere near ready for such a takeover. As Tesla struggles to build the mass-market Model 3 at scale, the rest of the auto industry is talking a big game about a battery-powered onslaught, but most won’t start rolling out models in real numbers for years.” Electric cars still make up less than 1 percent of American new car sales.

Wired believes that the rise of electric vehicles is having a positive effect on gasoline powered engines. As a result of growing interest in alternative power sources, the gas engine is improving. Don Hillebrand, who oversees the Argonne National Laboratory, believes that “The internal combustion engine might not even be middle-aged.” While the future looks to be electric, the present still runs on gasoline.

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