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Decisions, Decisions…


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Spring is a great season. The weather is warming up, flowers are starting to bloom, and the grass is turning green again. Spring is a very colorful time of year. So, we’re going to take a look at the colors we will offer for the Elio as well as some offer some hopefully helpful advice.

If you’re new to Elio, or need a refresher course, we plan on offering seven colors for the Elio: True Blue, Marshmallow, Red Hot, Rocket Silver, Creamsicle, Licorice, and Sour Apple. We are often asked how we came to this decision and, ultimately, it came about after researching the market and what people buy. Our seven colors represent about 95% of all vehicle sales on the road today. Based on the research, we’re confident that we will offer an Elio in your favorite color. If by chance you want a color that does not come standard, we will be offering a variety of different wraps in any color you can think of or dream up!


Additionally, and more important to the mission, offering seven colors helps us cut costs. Having only seven colors and two transmissions  (automatic and manual), means we will produce only 14 model combinations at the plant. Of course, we will have a ton of vehicle options available, but simplifying the manufacturing process at the plant saves time and money.

We’ve heard from quite a few reservation holders that are having a difficult time deciding what color their Elio will be. A few reservation holders have emailed us every time they changed their mind! We understand the struggle: we’re partial to a few colors ourselves. If you’re a reservation holder grappling with your decision, you can unburden yourself: reservation holders will receive an email asking you to make your final vehicle decisions (color, transmission, options etc.) approximately 60 days before their vehicles are produced.

If you’re beginning the decision process early, or maybe need a tiebreaker, we have some information that may be of value to you. Believe it or not, but the color of your vehicle does have an impact on whether or not you get pulled over. Any guesses as to the color of vehicle that gets pulled over the most often? If you guessed red, you are…wrong! White vehicles get pulled over the most with red coming in second. Gray and silver round out the top four. So, if you have a lead foot and are looking at the color options for your Elio, you might want to consider Creamsicle, True Blue, or Sour Apple!

Thanks for your support and have a spectacular weekend!

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