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Did you lock in your base price | Elio Momentum v68

Get Locked In

Scientists will tell you that one of the most difficult things in sports is hitting a baseball. It’s a little white sphere, traveling at 90 to 100 miles per hour, which begins its speedy journey from 60 feet, six inches away. Even the best of the best fail to hit it seven of 10 times.

But, sometimes, when a hitter is really in a groove, the little white sphere looks more like a beach ball, the swing is flawless, and line drives seem to be jumping off the bat. There’s a phrase for this phenomenon that many baseball analysts use. They say the hitter is “locked in.” It means he’s hyper-focused, he’s seeing the ball well and he’s getting great results. Being “locked in” is a very good thing.

At Elio Motors, we think being “locked in” is a good thing, too. As you likely heard last week, Elio Motors set the base price of an Elio at $7,300* for non-refundable reservation holders until we reach 65,000 total reservations. Additionally, we also shared with you how to lock in a reduced base price of $7,000, with a binding commitment.

Following this announcement, thousands of you have already locked in your base price. Along the way however, we received some questions about the process through e-mail and through our Customer Experience team, that we wanted to address to help even more of you get locked in, too.

  • To set the Elio base price of $7,300*, all you have to do is make or have an existing “non-refundable” reservation on an Elio. Any reservation level works — $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 — and will reserve your place in the Elio production queue and set the base price at $7,300. It’s that simple. To date, more than 85% of the 57,000+ reservations are “non-refundable.”
  • To lock in the even lower base price of $7,000* on an Elio, all you need to do is make or have an existing “non-refundable” reservation and complete a binding commitment to purchase the vehicle. Any “non-refundable” reservation level applies. To lock in the $7,000 base price. Click here.
  • If you currently have a “refundable” reservation and want to lock in either the $7,300* or $7,000* reduced base price, you can do so by going to the to convert your reservation to a “non-refundable” reservation for the $7,300 price and then make the binding commitment to receive the $7,000 price.

Here’s another way of quickly understanding the price lock in process:

Remember, the new set base price of $7,300* and the additional opportunity to lock in the $7,000 base price is available for a limited time. And, that is until the total number of reservations that we receive – both refundable and non-refundable – reaches the 65,000 mark.

As we move forward with important company details like the price, it’s important that we continue to stay committed to the ideals that helped launch this company. That includes how much we appreciate all of our fans and future customers. Thanks again for all your support.


*MSRP for non-refundable reservations only and applies only until non-refundable and refundable reservations total 65,000. Total current reservations can be seen at: MSRP excludes destination/delivery charges, taxes, title, registration, and options/installation.

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