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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you had an enjoyable extended weekend and reached the finish line of a protracted work week with gusto. Today is the first day of June, a date that feels like the unofficial start of the summer. Even though summer doesn’t officially start for several weeks, there’s something about the month of June that feels much more like summer than spring. Whatever you have planned on this first “summer” weekend, enjoy!

There are many different segments of Americans that are interested in the Elio. A prominent Elio demographic are the Do It Yourselfers or DIYers. This segment of Elio Motors aficionados and reservation holders are the kind of people that feel like letting a mechanic change their oil is a wasted opportunity for a fun afternoon. The DIYers are fiercely independent and roll up their sleeves with delight. This week’s Friday Blog will look at several ways the Elio is a perfect vehicle for DIYers.


One of the more frequent questions fielded by the Elio Team pertains to the vehicle as a platform for DIY mechanics. As the Elio is utilizing many proven and existing components, skilled Elio owners will be able to perform routine maintenance on their vehicles. While changing flat tires has become something of a lost art, Elio owners can easily change the tires of their vehicles. Yes, even the rear tire. The rear wheel cover comes off with several clips which will reveal the rear tire and swing arm. Then, jack up the vehicle, remove the tire and repeat the steps in reverse. The Elio is a perfect vehicle for folks that enjoy working on their own vehicle.


 “Building” The Vehicle

One of the great things about taking the DIY approach to things is the accompanying freedom. Thus, DIYers like to have options and to not be forced to pick between different cookie cutter vehicle trims. We think there is a better way. Instead, Elio owners will be able to “build” their own vehicles by selecting the options they want a la carte through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. By “building” the vehicles themselves, DIYers will have freedom and control.

Storage Space

Of course, many DIY projects extend well beyond the automotive sphere. For Elio owners with a DIY bent for other projects, there will be more than ample space for tools and materials. The trunk space is 27″ x 14″ x 10″, which is equivalent to a carry-on bag. With the back seat folded forward, you can fit a set of golf clubs in the Elio. Not only that, we plan on offering other storage options, like roof and luggage racks. Regardless of your DIY passion project, the Elio will likely accommodate.

Thanks for your support and have a stupendous weekend!

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