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Elio Bringing Representatives Across the Aisle…


It doesn’t take a political wonk or pundit to know that deep, partisan lines have been drawn in Washington D.C. It seems as if every day brings a new issue which divides rather than unites, and that these issues become obscured through sound bites and the goal of scoring political points. There is, however, a matter that represents every political party’s interests and has enticed representatives to cross the aisle to agree on common sense legislation. The House of Representative’s Bill 2381 (HB 2381), known as the Autocycle Safety Act, shows that representatives from both sides of the political aisle can come together in the interest of the American people, and for Elio Motors.

The three-wheel configuration of the Elio is unique, which presented a challenge in terms of classification. From the outset, our goal was to ensure that Elio Motors customers would be able to drive their vehicle without a helmet and with a standard driver’s license. We have experienced tremendous success to this point. Here is a current map of states that require a helmet and motorcycle endorsement:



We have and continue to make progress at the state level. Yet, there is a distinct advantage to having a federal statute in place to classify our vehicle as an autocycle. While you can drive our vehicle from one state to another with a regular driver’s license, our vehicle may be classified differently in both states. The current classification of our vehicle ranges from state to state, and these classifications include motorcycle, tri-vehicle, unconventional vehicle, type II motorcycle, motor vehicle, and trimobile. Having an autocycle bill at the federal level will ensure continued free movement for Elio owners and ensure that all manufacturers are held to the same safety standards. Further, the Autocycle Safety Act will provide regulatory guidance for state and local agencies.

Simply, House Bill (HB) 2381 defines the safety features required for an autocycle designation. These safety features include brake and seating systems, seat belts, lights, reflective devices, as well as controls and displays (among other, more technical details.) The Elio Safety Management System literally and figuratively fits the bill for introducing autocycle safety legislation.

The Autocycle Safety Act that was introduced in May appeals to both major political parties. HB 2381 has shown, through its sponsors, that there are matters that can appeal to all Americans. The representatives who support the bill are from a wide variety of states, from Michigan (Republicans John Moolenaar (primary), Bill Huizinga and Mike Bishop) to Arizona (Democrat Kyrsten Sinema). These members of Congress represent their unique districts, and while their constituents span various interests and concerns, they have come together in a show of bipartisanship for a vehicle that is safe and American-made. The Autocycle Safety Act is a perfect example of Elio’s bipartisan appeal.

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