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Elio Ergonomics


The term “ergonomics” rarely works its way into our daily vernacular, but it’s a word that we experience every day. Basically, ergonomics refers to the comfort and ease of use that both driver and occupant(s) experience while inside a vehicle. The terms are intertwined: if a driver’s seat is comfortable but the window controls are in an inconvenient location, the vehicle has poor ergonomics. With our sleek styling and unique configuration, the exterior of the Elio garners the lion’s share of the attention, but the ergonomics of the Elio are paramount to an enjoyable Elio experience. Today we will review a few improvements to the interior, as well as its standard features.



The front seat of the vehicle is a 6-way manual seat with dual density foam which allows for a comfortable driving experience. Our engineers have enhanced the passenger’s experience by lowering the bottom of the rear seat and adding more foam, which has created an additional .75 inches of head room. Additionally, the rear window areas have been rounded, which has increased the visibility for the passenger. The interior lighting which will be used for entering and exiting the vehicle has been upgraded by moving the light up from the right B-Pillar to the headliner (inside roof).

Quieter Ride

To combat outside noise and provide a quiet ride, we have increased the sound deadening material used in the dashboard and floor of the vehicle by adding foam to these areas. This will significantly reduce Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH). In addition, we have added insulation to the headliner of the vehicle.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The material of the interior will have both deep and shallow grains. Deep grains are more pleasing to the eye while the shallow grains are used in areas that make it easy to keep the vehicle clean (think high touch areas). The standard color of the sidewall (below the beltline, which is from the bottom of the side windows) trim is black, while everything above the beltline is a medium gray. Of course, through ePlus: My Elio, My Way, there will be many customization options available for the interior.


Safe and Fun

The Elio’s interior comes standard with a child seat LATCH, which has been a priority from the beginning. For the passenger’s enjoyment, we have added a USB port in the rear. With today’s power demands, easy access to a power source provides a more enjoyable ride for both driver and passenger.


Improved Trunk

In the Elio, the rear seat folds down for improved trunk space when there is a need for extra space. The rear seat has been redesigned to lie flatter and support more weight.  Additionally, carpeting has been added to the trunk space.


The exterior of the Elio may command first consideration, but the vehicle’s interior ergonomics are essential to a positive driving experience. While everyone else is turning their heads to catch a glimpse at the sleek Elio navigating the roadways, its occupants will be perfectly comfortable, while looking straight ahead.

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